Third eye - Pineal Gland Activation

What the third eye is, how to activate it and how to know if it is activated.

Artist interpretation of the third eye chakra symbol

The pineal gland (also called the epiphysis) is a small endocrine gland linked to the third eye chakra. It is located near the center of the brain. If you draw a line through the head between the ears and then another line from the center of your forehead right between the eyes, slightly above the root of the nose, that is where it is located. Energetically, this point in the forehead is also the location of the third eye chakra. The pineal produces melatonin, a hormone that is commonly known to affect the wake/sleep pattern. Most of the brain is isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier, however the pineal gland is not. It is about the size of a pea (8 mm) and red-gray in color. Read more about the chakra system here >

Scientists will tell you the 4th dimension is unbound by time and space.The key for us to experience such a reality lies in activating the third eye (which is some times depicted as a portal), which is our link to higher levels of consciousness. With third eye meditation this can be done, even assisted by technological means. This way we can see the past, present and future and gain knowledge unrestricted by time and space, as is done in for example remote viewing, which has even been utilized by the military for a very long time. In a more spiritual use it is the key to gaining the wisdom, understanding and knowledge that so many thirst for.

How to know if the Third eye is activated

Physically speaking, if the third eye is active, it will help greatly in balance our well-being because it controls the various bio-rhythms of the body and works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which regulates the body's hunger, thirst, desire to do things and the biological clock. When the third eye / pineal gland is activated, it can be felt as a pressure at the location of the third eye chakra in the forehead and/or as a pressure at the location around the pineal gland in the brain, which would feel like the base of the brain, even though it is actually located more towards the center than the base.

Energetically you will begin to experience a wider frequency range of reality. There are beings operating on frequency ranges outside of our normal range in the same way as our hearing is limited between 20 hz to 20.000 hz, but there still exist sound much much higher than that. When young children see these higher dimensions and talk about what they see, it is usually dismissed as a "lively imagination" by the parents. Some of the beings have the ability to appear in any form they like and often chose a form that gains trust in the child or even adult.

Inner experiences of Third eye activation

When using techniques for third eye activation such as focus and meditation, if we continue doing it repeatedly and patiently, sooner or later we will start noticing a couple of things. It can be inner sound, or inner light, images or visions appearing like on a screen. The sounds are usually in the form of single or multiple tones (not to be mistaken for tinnitus) of various pitch and some times in sequences, instruments, drum sounds, thunder, bird song et.c. In regards to what we see, it can be a white light or lights of other colors, some times steady and some times swirling, images of various things, people we've never seen before et.c. In meditating on the third eye for the purpose of activating it, we should not focus on or analyze what we see, but continue to have a steady gaze though the center. We should not get excited about the phenomenon as it brings us out of the focus and activates the analytical mind trying to find meaning. If there is a meaning it will make itself known automatically at a later time. In regards to the sounds, they are incredibly beneficial as it is higher energies transforming down to a form that we can experience and can clear out inharmonious vibrations which means energy blockages which can express themselves as problems on a mental, psychological or physical level. Often more than one of the three. The sound will usually seem like it is coming from a particular direction but don't try to find out where the sound comes from. It comes from within. Experience it.

Methods for Third Eye Activation

1, Focus & Meditation

It is usually recommended to sit in a comfortable position. The spine should be as straight as you are comfortable with and eyes closed. You can sit in a chair, couch or even on the floor if you are comfortable with that.

Keep a relaxed, yet steady focus on the location of the third eye between and slightly above the eyebrows. If you want you can at the same time focus on your breathing. You can also use your natural breathing as a reminder to keep your focus on the third eye, as it is very easy to drift off and start thinking about other things. The biggest part of the training will be to gently bring back the focus as the mind wonders off. You will notice that you'll be able to keep focused for longer and longer periods of time.

After 20-30 minutes or so you can stop focusing and just let go completely. An extended session can include that you afterwards lay down and allow yourself to drift to sleep. It is possible to experience out of body experiences and lucid dreams this way because of how you increased your awareness and focus during the focus which will usually remain to a larger or lesser extent and time.

2, Technological aid

By this I am referring to brainwave entrainment. As brainwave entrainment automatically guides your brain to relax deeper and deeper all the way to the meditative and expanded state called the "Theta state", dominated by Theta brainwave activity, your left and right hemisphere of the brain will also be synchronized and start communicating with both each other and a larger part part of the brain a lot more than in your normal daytime awareness. In turn, as a result the third eye will start getting activated. There are also certain frequencies of sound that the third eye resonate to, like in the case of chakra tuning bowls made by Tibetan monks for this purpose. These bowls have been sonically measured and the third eye frequency located. Read more about these chakra tones here >

Using Theta brainwave entrainment combined with third eye frequency is very effective, especially, or even for those who can't seem to do meditation. For this purpose I have produced the MP3 named "432 Third Eye" that you can download or read more about in the shop or on the chakra tones page based on a 432 hz chakra tuning principle found in such Tibetan chakra tuning bowls described above.

You can combine method 1 and 2, by doing the focus technique while using the audio track. It is very effective.

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