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How I stumbled across a completely new type of meditation sound with amazing effects.

Can you really reach deep meditation, feel inner bliss and all the things Guru's and meditation masters talk about, within just a few minutes of listening to a special sound? If you ask me: Yes!

This "special sound" or sound technology that I now call BlissCoded sound is created using a very powerful, yet natural technology that has nothing to do with the "old" ways of stimulating the brain with tones (binaural beats) to get it to enter deeper relaxation and meditation, used in such products as the well-known Hemisync and Holosync audio meditation products. They use "binaural beats". These are used in allmost all the ordinary meditation & relaxation CD's flooding the market today and are proven to work. My discovery does not involve any of that. Neither does it involve speech, subliminal messages and not even music. No, this is something totally different.

Went viral on Youtube

When I first experienced the amazing effects of my discovery I was sure It must be placebo or my own imagination.

There I was, in front of my computer with my headphones on, feeling so good that I didn't want to move. I had only listened one minute, literally. The following experiments showed that it wasn't just my imagination. I seemed to have stumbled upon something that might be revolutionary.

Rebecca Turner

There’s no doubt in my mind that something significant is happening. In fact, as meditation goes, this is exceptionally powerful. I only need to listen to this for about 10 minutes before I remove my headphones and take in everything that happened.

Rebecca Turner World of Lucid Dreaming

The Golden Ratio

Let me briefly explain what this is all about. BlissCoded sound is created using a sound manipulation process invented by me, that uses the Golden ratio principle. After research about Phi, the Golden ratio and how its mathematical principles are found in almost everything in nature, I had an idea about how I wanted to manipulate or create a sound. It resulted in a meditative soundscape (not music) which was coded with very precise frequencies that I found when I converted the math behind certain aspects of the Golden ratio to sound. Math wasn't my strongest subject in school, but this was driven more by a mix of math, "holistic" thinking and intutition, which apparently resulted in a brilliant idea.

I will never forget the first time I tried it out. I had been sitting at my computer for hours manipulating sounds like I often do. It was just another one of all my ideas that I wasn't expecting anything from.

But this time something unexpectedly happened. My awareness of time went away and I entered a blissful deep meditative state. The sound was only one minute long. That was apparently enough!

I still enter deep states every time I listen to it and I have experienced many deep states that have given "deep insight" since then. Experiences like this are a strong indicator that something is happening.

Since Xphirience, the name I gave the first sound I released online, I have also developed several more sounds using this BlissCode sound technology. When updating this text in 2015 I have produced about 6.5 hours of BlissCoded sound that is available from this website.

BlissCoded sound

Mind-blowing experiments

Let's go back again to the time when this was all completely new to me: I needed to investigate if this was actually working so I took it to the next level: Volunteers simply listened to the sound and was told to report back to me. No information at all was given beforehand about what to expect, what others had reported or how it sounded.

The reports that came in in blew me away. Experiences even more powerful than my own.

Even though this was just an early test stage with no website or anything planned, some of the test subjects were so impressed that they after trying the sound asked how to buy the full length sound. That was how this website originally started! I was surprised by how strongly people reacted to, and loved these sounds! 

To sum up the reports, a very common effect is the deep meditative and timeless state reached incredibly fast. This feeling is often followed by a very centered state of balance and usually doesn't take more than about 5 minutes to reach. It also seemed to calm down the mind and thoughts so much that some test subjects felt totally surprised when the test sound was over because it felt like to them like it had just started. This "no time state" kept being reported. The most common effects summed up were as follows:

Reported Immediate Effects

  • Deep Meditative state in minutes
  • Seeing inner spiraling patterns
  • Feelings of expansion
  • OOBE (Out Of Body Experience)
  • Heat and energy movement at chakra locations
  • Imbalances in chakras being resolved
  • Blissful state
  • Inner vision of all sorts of things
  • Thoughts slowing down or coming to a stop
  • And many more...

Reported Long-term Effects

  • Improved every day well-being
  • Deep happiness
  • Easier to fall asleep and deeper sleep
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Expanded awareness
  • Holistic thinking
  • Increased intuition
  • Release of negative emotions
  • Increased inner vision ("third eye")
  • Greatly reduced stress
Anthony Federico

With your products I have had some experiences where I lose all thoughts and get a feeling of weightlessness. It’s a great feeling. I love that you don’t have to try so hard to achieve this. The feelings I get when listening are great. I often experience “mini dreams” in which I’m totally awake and aware. I’m not sure if that is meditating because its something I’ve never mastered maybe until now.

Anthony Federico

Many people who see this website express healthy scepticism. That is good, and that is what I have free samples for. I'd like to share a testimonial from one such person who decided to purchase:

Subject: amazing

I just purchased this, at first I didn’t think that it was possible and that it was all a bit of a scam, (it has refunds so I went with it) it is just awesome, so weird and hard to describe, I didn’t feel as if I was nowhere, breathless. I could feel the energy inside me just spiraling from one side to the other.

Thanks a lot! / Bob

Most people experience that they enter a deep meditative state within just a few minutes. It is very rare that people experience nothing. A clear sign of this is that refunds are very rare. With this claim it is understandable that one feels a bit skeptic, like Bob did (the quote above) before trying BlissCoded sound. Who wouldn't? However,  there is a reason that my BlissCoded sound videos on youtube are closing in on 10 million views in total.

"But How Does it Work?"

By now, you are most likely wondering what happens when listening to BlissCoded sound. Well I am going to go a bit outside the conventional "scientific" dictionary here, because I am not a scientist. My theory is that a kind of "implosion field" is somehow created or activated when the human brain/organism recognizes the natural golden ratio principle in the sound/vibrations and begins to adjust according to this "divine perfection" which opens up the flow of energy, light, prana or whatever you may call it. When this happens, you feel the "bliss" or enter a deep meditative state that spiritual teachers, meditation and yoga masters talk about.  It can also be felt as a pleasant shiver or a buzzing feeling. The mind chatter and thoughts often slow down or even stop completely. This helps people meditate, relax, fall asleep, let go of stress or just feel fantastic.

This is something that normally takes many years of practice to achieve, but can now be done without effort.

BlissCoded sound meditation
Dee Bonnar-Waldeck (Dorothy Bonnar)

Would like to show our appreciation to you. We discovered BlissCoded sound as a family… I am a sufferer of Fibromyalgia, and have looked at many forms of relaxation techniques etc, all tried but have had no effect, that was until I came across BlissCoded sound… It helps me to open my gateway of pain, and rest my active mind. Allowing me to heal physically as well as mentally. I have now introduced my husband daughter to BlissCoded sound and they too are beginning to feel the effects of a healthier mind… A sincere thank you to you.

Dee Bonnar-Waldeck (Dorothy Bonnar)

EEG test shows fantastic results

BlissCoded sound received a review rated 10 out of 10 from whatisluciddreaming.com where the person using it recorded his brainwaves with an EEG device. It only took about 2 ½ minutes before the EEG showed massive Alpha and Theta brainwaves. Theta brainwaves are present in deep meditation. (Edit  juli 2017) It seems their website is no longer online but the video showing the amazing brainwave activity you can see here. Notice how quickly The Alpha and Theta brainwaves completely takes over.

The only one in the world making BlissCoded Sound

Almost all of the companies selling meditation audio tracks take sound technology (brainwave entrainment) discovered four or five decades ago, do some tweaks and variations and Voila! .. A "brand new" product is born. Personally that's fine with me, but so many claim to have the "Most powerful meditation product on the planet". The problem with that is that most of them claim to make the most powerful meditation sounds in the world, all using the same sound technology. They can't all be the best. Of course that is impossible, you understand that. We are not born yesterday, right?

So who really has the best meditation products? The truth is they are all pretty much equal! (because they all use the same type of technology). In those cases It's mostly a matter of what you enjoy listening to. So listen for yourself and make up your own mind. However, BlissCoded sound is not based on that "old" technology. It's not brainwave entrainment. It's entirely different. It is its own thing which you can not get anywhere but here.

Try Free BlissCoded sound >>

With 6.5 hours of available audio you have all you'll ever need here too.

This Invention was made by the same guy offering it to you. How often do you buy things directly from the same person who made and invented them? Everything from the audio production, to everything you see here is created by the same person. I am the audio producer, web designer, support and information source. There are no filters. That way you and I will always know that everything stays 100% authentic.

xphirience.com is unique

This website is unique

I estimate that 98% of the current "high tech" relaxation and meditation CDs, MP3 files and digital downloads flooding the market today uses the same type of sound technology (brainwave entrainment), mainly various types of binaural beats etc. They work great, but the truth is that anyone can produce those products easily by getting one of the software programs available for generating them. Like Neuro programmer from Transparent corp.

BlissCoded sound products are something completely different. There is no dedicated software available for generating them. This is going to sound a bit cheesy and I feel cheesy saying it, but I literally have the "formula" written on a document that is being kept away. I know how it sounds, but it really is that way. The work with BlissCoded sound is what I do and I am serious about developing it. Those who've been around from the start know that. Everyone who becomes a customer not only gets to experience the amazing results from BlissCoded sound, but also supports the work to spread this.

I know from everyone who contacts me how much this helps them so I want to reach more people and make a difference in this world. Not in the future, but right now.

Here's what people are saying

This is a small selection of all the testimonials I have received. All testimonials are 100% real. Some have been shortened and corrected etc but apart from that they are completely authentic.

Devandra Kumar. Retired professor University of Dehli - India.

I am 74, a retired professor from the University of Delhi, India. I am fond of listening to relaxing music. That landed me onto the BlissCoded sounds website. For a few years I have been enjoying the free downloads of relaxing music which I found was one of the best I could find. Now I came to know of the new concept of 432hz music. This is soundless sound. I bought one such track. It was such a marvellous experience that I could not resist the temptation to buy another one. This thing relaxes you inspite of any psychological subconscious resistance. It is really great.

Devandra Kumar. Retired professor University of Dehli - India.
Kelly Burnett Austin, Texas. Works in Psychotherapy.

I began listening to BlissCoded Sounds about two years ago and it has been life changing! I discovered the recording while looking for meditations to help with sleep. Golden Sequence is very effective and I still use it often if I'm having a restless night. It guides me to a deep, restful sleep. As wonderful as Golden Sequence is, Xphirience is the recording I listen to most often. I use it for meditation most days, as well as while I am getting ready for work and as I am getting ready for bed. I am sure it has guided me to a constant higher vibration which has caused me to be calm and feel filled with peace almost always. Thank you so much for creating this - you truly spread high, peaceful vibrations throughout the Universe with your creations!

Kelly Burnett Austin, Texas. Works in Psychotherapy.
Johnn Donaldson, Auckland New Zealand, formerly Glasgow Scotland.

I am Johnn Donaldson age 70yrs In Auckland New Zealand. Formerly but not completely a Glasgow, Scotland lad. I began using the blisscode sounds just a few weeks before I had to move house. Very strenuous activity. Was in hospital with sever problems due to diabetes. Kidney Failure. Dehydrated. Recovered well and healthier mind body and spirit. The difference / Moving home and regular use of Blisscoded Sounds to get me through the lows. Morning used GammaBoost. Got me brain working. Lunch time I used Chakra Balance and early evening Bliss of Nature 1 hr before bedtime I used 432 Third Eye.

Johnn Donaldson, Auckland New Zealand, formerly Glasgow Scotland.
Dev Khalsa

Hi Marcus. I came across your BlissCoded sound last night and I was astounded. I have been practicing meditation regularly for almost 40 years and the greatest difficulty I have is in bringing the mind to a quiet place. It is possible but only with great patience and perseverance. I have also experimented with many kinds of sound aids to meditation for the last 20 years. Your technology achieves this immediately. What a blessing!

Dev Khalsa - Visionary scientist, Yogi and Master Kinesiologist.
Rebecca Turner - Lucid dreaming expert

There's no doubt in my mind that something significant is happening. In fact, as meditation goes, this is exceptionally powerful. I only need to listen to this for about 10 minutes before I remove my headphones and take in everything that happened.

Rebecca Turner - Lucid dreaming expert - World of Lucid Dreaming

I've always found Marcus' work to be on the cutting edge. There are numerous other companies and individuals out there with similar offerings, and in fairness, many are quite good, and a few are extremely good. Marcus isn't just randomly throwing together a hodge-podge of sounds to create a salable product; he's serious about this, constantly "doing his homework" to push the envelope; and the fact that he's always ahead of the curve shows it.

Seth Tyrssen. Director - Vril Community.

I listened to Cosmic Consciousness last night before sleep. It was wild. I felt like I was laying on a flat bed that had wheels and was on a rail, like a roller coaster. It felt like I was traveling head first (backwards) through a cosmic coaster. Afterward, I was able to become conscious in my dream. LUCID! I was so excited when I realized I was dreaming. I ran outside of the building I was in and called for my dog that died a year and a half ago. She came running and I was able to get some hugs and kisses in before I got too excited and woke up! 
Thank you.

Carrie Fink. Newmarket, NH - USA.

I first started using Marcus's sounds when he operated from the Xphirience website. I can see now why he changed to Blisscoded sounds, because it really is a more in composing name.
The best way I describe these sounds for those that care to want to explore and change, is that these sounds are like a Defrag for the brain, when you are bent out of shape it naturally rights you back to your natural core self.
It works great for a hangover or a stomach aches.
But it's true shine is from continual daily use, that's when you begin to find this weird inner calmness come over you.
Like a drops of water continually falling on a rock they eventually perforate it. Not to say your brain gets perforated but like the things that are stuck on you like barnecles on a ship break away.
In closing I would like to say that I have been using brain entrainment sounds for over 25 years starting with the Monroe institute in the mid 90' and nothing compares to the positive changes I have experienced using Blisscoded sounds.
Best regards,
José Quibus
Toronto, Ontario

José Quibus. Toronto, Ontario


I'm Michael Morse from Albuquerque, NM USA. I have been using bliss coded sounds since 2013. I started with Golden Flow and Golden Sequence. I have since moved on to Awake in Theta, 432 Chakra Balance and the Self Confidence subliminals. My favorites are Awake in Theta and 432 Chakra Balance. I have a variable schedule and I will frequently find that I haven't gotten enough sleep. My solution has been to take a nap during the day with my headphones and Blisscoded sound. When I arise I am relaxed and energized to take on the remainder of my schedule.
Thank you Marcus, I enjoy your products and I look forward to your next inspiration.

Best Regards,

Michael Morse from Albuquerque, NM USA

I have had an anxiety disorder for over 30 years. I've literally tried just about everything and anything to calm my mind. I stopped taking meds about 4 years ago. Did more harm than good. A couple of years ago I found Blisscoded sound. The first time I listened, it worked. It put me in a place where my mind was quiet and my body was calm. Thank you.


Every time I listen to it for a few minutes, it takes me somewhere empty, a place of infinite possibilities, where I'm in control of everything , somewhere where time has stopped or doesn't exist. It lets me achieve instant calmness and succeeds in blocking exterior stimuli in order to focus on the inside. During meditation, it's so easy to get caught up with a thought without even noticing it. With the Golden Perfection track, I can easily meditate and get to a certain state effortlessly. It's also a good help for achieving lucid dreams, because it helps to let the mind remain conscious longer before going to sleep (I can't wait to get the astral projection track soon too). And this is just the sample! (I play it in loops). So one can only imagine the effectiveness of the full track.

So good job on all your hard work M. Knudsen! I hope you'll bring out even more tools in order to let even more people achieve things that they think are esoteric and time consuming, when it's actually something easy and natural, specially with your tracks.

Marielle Arciaga. Gondecourt - France

Awake in Theta has given more depth in my daily meditation. The everyday thoughts and stress lets go quicker and I get into a meditative state faster. The meditation itself has become deeper and more fruitful than before.

I'm now using "Laser sharp focus" when I study at home and I feel it both deepens and maintains my focus longer than before.

Fredrik Andersson - Sweden

I had always wanted to meditate but found that no matter the method I was unable to empty my mind for long enough. About 5 years ago I discovered a Blisscoded Sound YouTube video with rain patter on it.  It claimed to  help a person meditate. It was free, so I tried it.  Within a couple minutes I was able to clear my mind and meditate. Now this was exciting because for the previous thirty years I had had minimal success with traditional meditation techniques. So I downloaded the whole Bliss of Nature series.  And I have never looked back.  I practice meditation every day for at least 20 minutes. That seems to work perfectly as a de-stresser. I have since downloaded many of your offerings.  My current favourites are 432 Pure and Regenerate.  And I have also dabbled with Gamma Boost. I have everything on my ipod and take it everywhere I go.  Listening to Bliss coded sound on an plane flight makes the time fly by (pun intended). I have lent my ipod to several friends going through cancer treatment and they have also enjoyed the relaxation that it induces. There is no price you can put on the positive effects that I've received as a result of listening to Blisscoded sound.

  Thank you


Thank you Marcus for the great product you released! I purchased "Regenerate" before I went to a month of backpacking in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for the purpose of restoring my energy. And sure enough, "Regenerate" didn't fail me. Used it everyday mostly during the course of my travel. I couldn't imagine if I could last the whole month of hiking, traveling without the audio. It helped me bigtime! Now I'm on my 10th week of using it and I am more calmer than before. Felt more relaxed. Thanks a lot Marcus for this wonderful product!

Mr. Silverio - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I've been using this for a few years now and it's part of my daily morning meditation. I find it silences my mind a lot quicker and allows me to enter into a deep state of relaxation in a just a few minutes. This is a very effective meditation and relaxation tool and one i am very happy to highly recommend.
Thanks Marcus

Thomas Paisley, Scotland .

I have been taken by Gamma Boost. Even the sample that was sent awhile back caused me to "Zone-Out"! Variance of the sounds keep my attention that usually tends to wander. Buy the time it 's over I feel as if I have taken Zannex! Not me; HA! Bottom line I never enjoyed guided meditation and believe me, BlissCoded Sounds as given me all the relief I need....... PS: The Chimes on my patio will bring me back to Gamma Boost! ......... Go Figure????

Bethanie C. Deerchild, Colorado

I have tried a number of brainwave entrainment products which claim to enhance the meditation experience . Very few I've tried actually provide a noticeable feeling of relaxation. The best available cost hundreds of dollars. After trying some sample recordings of BlissCoded sounds, I noticed right away that they're different. The physical sensations of feeling like you're floating and the deep meditation I've been able to achieve while listening is evidence to me of the effectiveness and quality of these recordings. I'm impressed with how effective they are--well done!

Vee Palaqua - Portland, OR.

After listening to it first on youtube, I purchased Super pack 2.0. This has greatly enhanced my meditation practice. This takes you to a deep meditative/relaxed state within minutes and is suitable even for beginners. I have now made this a part of my daily practice. Keep up the good work Marcus.

Ashish, Mumbai - India

Aloha Marcus!
About 3 months ago I purchased your Awake in Theta soundtrack. I am very happy with the results. Do you experience a level where all you feel is Pure Love? That is what my wife and I always shot for. We both had experienced it and made it our "target". We were only able to reach it about 10% of the time. With the help of your soundtrack, I can now reach it about 50% of the time. Thank you so very much! I find astral travel MUCH easier too. Of all your recordings, this one of my favorite.

Brian, Honolulu - Hawaii

I purchased Super pack 2.0 and I do love it! Your music is adding balance and peace into my busy life style in New York City. I would recommend it for everybody who's interested in deepening their meditation practices. Thank you Marcus for your outstanding creations! Really amazing sounds Marcus! I was hoping you to create a 432 Hz chakra balancing one day. Thanks God you did! Your sounds makes different in people life's no matter where they're living
Gerard Mayers

Gerard Mayers - New York

When I started lisenting to the Self confidence subliminals it took three days until I noticed significant changes. My social engagement difficulties evaporated. I felt at ease talking and interaction with people. The changes just sneaked up on me. I fund myself joking and being more playful with my work colleagues, something that wasn't all that common for me. This is truly powerful stuff!

Henok Salomon - Sweden

Regenerate has been helping me in my process of purging old thought patterns as well as finding balance within my own body while I work on myself daily. Both my mind and body have responded to bliss coded sounds and regenerate is by far the most influential of them.

Barret Taylor

Blisscoded sound is a great tool, though it may seem to some that it is made out to sound a bit too good, there is nothing scammy about it and it is truly able to calm me down/help me relax in order to do my work. I can guarantee that it is truly helpful. I continue to use the MP3 tracks even in the demo to this very day and I have been subscribed to the newsletter for several years now! I would truly and honestly recommend it!

Josh, Calgary - Canada

Hi Marcus,
The win for me using your recordings has been the ability to play a larger active role not only in my life but also in the life of others. I've moved from being one dimensional to being multi dimensional. Your recordings have a way of exposing my weaknesses in way that allows me to grow just by being aware of them.
Marcus, I have all your products and it would be remiss of me not let you know how amazing they are, Awake in Theta has changed both my perceptions and ability level. I use it a base for all my meditations. Outstanding and I thank you for influencing my life in ways I could not imagine.

Munz Abdulla, Monroeville Pennsylvania - USA

What an amazing discovery this is!
I am a Dutch woman fighting breast cancer and Xphirience helps me so much to find inner peace.
My breathing becomes slower and my mind gets clearer. I also have the feeling that I am more in contact with my intuition, since I listen to the tracks. It brings me closer to me and who I really am, deep inside. Excuse me my English, but I am very enthusiastic about this product. When I am stressed or fearful I listen to the tracks and doesn't take long before I feel peaceful again.
Thanks Marcus!


First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quick response. Secondly, I have only been using your product for less than a week, and let me tell you, it is EVERYTHING it's advertised to be and more. BlissCoded sound has become a life-line to me in under a week. Many times I as well as my friends order things things from the internet and it's like a crap shoot, it may be as good as advertised or it may not be. Mr. Knudsen, I just want you to know that BlissCoded sound delivers! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us!
....I was thinking I should have written you the day I got it. Shortly after I had started listening to it, I felt so amazing. I felt like a kid in a candy store because I have been looking for a sound like this for a while now. Soul satisfying and relaxing. I think everyone should have a opportunity to hear this. My IPOD just became the most valuable piece of gear I own!

Michelle hayden, Unites States

I just listened to Blisscoded sound for the first time today. For only four minutes ... and something happened. My sadness instantly went away, I became very dizzy and light-headed (still am) and now I feel very very very relaxed. I feel much more relaxed and calm that I have ever felt during the few times I've ever meditated. I listened to the sounds again for another four minutes ... and the same thing happened ... I feel different some how, but I cannot quite describe it. My body feels very very light, and my thoughts are fewer, yet clear and distinct, with a complete loss of the depressed feeling I had earlier today. It's the light-headedness that I find so intriguing. How can sound do that? It's as though the Blisscode lessens the number of thoughts I'm having. I've been praying for an adventure ... I have a feeling that listening to your sounds that I will give me the adventures and wisdom that I seek. As I am writing this email, I feel extremely "different" although I am having difficulty describing in what way i feel different.
Thank you ... thank you ... thank you ...

Vita Reid, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

 I have been listening to BlissCoded sound for about a week now and the only downside, is that I have been annoying my friend sitting at his PC listening to it all the time! I'm going to try hard to put into words what my experience has been. Please bear with me.I feel very relaxed, but this isn't like the relaxation of other isochronic or binaural products I have used. I feel almost hyper aware. As if I have been asleep my whole life, and suddenly I have truly awoken. BlissCoded sound seems to work VERY quickly, almost instantaneously!One of the effects that interests me the most, is the fact that my entire cranium, ESPECIALLY my ears feel as if they have been massaged or "worked" out somehow. I mean the small muscles in my ears literally feel exercised, I cannot describe it better than that.My dreams, usually vivid, have taken on a whole new level of real. I slept for 5 hours last night and I feel as if I slept 8. That is unheard of for me. I will leave off by saying that these effect seems to be cumulative, and that repeated listening seems to increase these things each day.

'Foojoy', (Anonymous)

I am 70+ years old and have only been a BlissCoded sound user for a few short weeks. But I can truthfully say that I have benefited a great deal. I have tried to learn to meditate many times over the years but always unsuccessfully. BlissCoded sound did the trick for me and proves, once again, that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Ron Messick, Lincoln City, Oregon

HOLY S***,  The first thing that came to mind after a few seconds was death, how things would be when not alive. After that an unreal feeling that external reality is fake and matter does not exist, as I stare my front wooden door, the idea there is nothing out there came to mind. A feeling, there is no point writing this e-mail, I do not exist, neither you, and cause and effect does not matter, so what is the purpose of typing this? My conscious mind is getting "slower", thoughts kind of automatically fade away.
The above is not the usual way I would describe things. These sounds SURELY has an effect on the brain. You certainly have something there. I do not know what will happen when I listen tomorrow, but for now, F*** this is heavy duty stuff, compared to every other entrainment track I have used.
Somehow I have the greatest response to sound stimulation (holosync, DTZM, LifeFlow, Brain Evolution System, Quantum Mind Power and many, many others) from any other person I have found online, comparing the effects I had with all these and BlissCoded sound, I would probably give a great testimonial of the cumulative effects of BlissCoded sound over time.

Petros Tsaboukas

I just want to say that BlissCoded sound is the most amazing meditatin sound I have ever heard. I have tried tons of brainwave cds and hemisync and nothing has taken me deeper into the darkness of my mind than your product. I also like the "Balance Plus" MP3. I can actually a pressure on my chakras rising up each time the tone rings, and when its over I feel relaxed and energized. This is some good stuff man. Keep up the good work. You may have stumbled on a big discovery.

Shawn E, New Jersey - USA.

I have used Self-Hypnosis CDs over the last couple of years and Holosync for the last several months. Last night, I purchased the Xphirience and Xphirience Balance Plus. Wow…what a major difference in taking me down into a meditative state. There’s no comparison. Please keep up the terrific work!!
Thank you,

John, Bedminster, United States

I have used many of the Blisscoded tracks over the last few years after finding that those produced by other companies did not relax me in the same way. Any opportunity I get to slip away to a quiet room and pop my headphones on is a real escape for me. I would highly recommend you to try them as not only do they work, they are also excellent value for money.

Adrian Worcester - UK.

Remember: "An ounce of experience is worth more than all the libraries in the world."

Join the ship and discover the sensation helping people instantly reach the deepest levels of meditation and relaxation, in only minutes.

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* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know this all may sound almost a bit too good. So here is what I’ll do for you: Buy now and Try for 30 days risk free using the *30 day money back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely case that you don’t experience any relaxation, send me an email and I’ll refund you the whole amount. You have nothing to lose and in a short moment from now you may have one of the most peaceful experiences of your life, without risking anything and without having to learn any meditation or relaxation technique. Better yet, if you’re still not sure, try the free samples and you’ll see.

Oh... one last thing!

I suggest you try the free samples first. When you have purchased and tried the BlissCoded sounds, please feel free to send me an email and let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Marcus Knudsen

BlissCoded Sound
Super Pack 2.0

Product images represents a digital product for download.

A total of 10 tracks featuring 6.5 hours of audio.

Inside the Super Pack 2.0:

Balance Plus

Special add-on designed to get you in a balanced state for mediation. Can be used (absolutely not required) before any of the other tracks, or before normal meditation. Balances your brain hemispheres by the use of dual isochronic beats and your chakras by using BlissCoded sound tuned to each of your chakras according to the 7 chakra system, one at a time. Creating the ultimate state for inner experiences in the following meditation.  17 minutes.


The original sound that was used in the experiments described above. This is how it all started! This one is straight to the point with clearly noticable BlissCode frequencies that stand out from the mix. Powerful.  33 minutes.

Blissful Rain

This is the result of developing the track Xphirience to suit a bit longer sessions. Technology and Nature comes together in this unique track. Digitally generated sounds specialized to get your mind to drift off completely combined with a very high quality recording of gentle rainfall. Drift away in deep blissfulness to this sound. Incredibly rejuvenating effect. 44 minutes.

Golden Flow

This track is a development of the BlissCode technology, extracting a pure BlissCode pattern of flowing sound waves affecting each other in an almost organic way creating an ever-changing flow of the soft frequency patterns, making digital sound take on an organic aliveness. 44.4 minutes.

Golden Sequence

Has a golden ratio frequency rhythm, featuring a complex programmed multi-layered sequence of soft bell-like tones triggered within a pattern calculated using thousands of a second, creating a hypnotic soundtrack. Created according to the golden ratio (all tracks are) in regards to: Tempo, tone-length, frequency, tone spacing/ratio, stereo panning and layer build-up. Trance inducing. 44.4 minutes.

BlissCoded Nature Sounds

Paradise Forest: BlissCoded Sound

Paradise Forest

Ocean of Serenity: BlissCoded sound

Ocean of Serenity

Distant Thunder: BlissCoded Sound

Distant Thunder

Summer Rain: BlissCoded Sound

Summer Rain

Four uplifting, harmonizing and enjoyable nature soundscapes, recorded in nature in very high quality and taken through the BlissCode process. The result is a sound that will allow your mind to float away in very deep relaxation. The amount of work and attention to tiniest of details that have gone in to these four tracks is huge. Be careful, these tracks area addictive! (not kidding). 45 minutes per track makes these 3 hours long together.

25th of February 2018

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For everyone who buys the Super Pack 2.0 right now I also give away this track for free. BlissCoded music for relaxation and lifting the mood. Beautiful, soothing and uplifting music that has been taken through the BlissCode process. 7:42 minutes.



  • PC or Mac needed for download.
  • Plays on all Mp3 players, computers etc. For iPhone/iPad/iPod etc, simply download on a computer and then use iTunes to move the tracks over.
  • 700 Mb Free space on your computer.
$29Value $60 USD
  • 'Golden Flow' 44.44 min
  • 'Golden Sequence' 44.44 min
  • 'Xphirience' 33.33 min
  • 'Blissful Rain' 44.44 min
  • Bonus Track: 'Balance Plus' 17.05 min
  • Total: 5 tracks. 3 Hours of Audio.
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$32Value $70 USD
  • 'Distant Thunder' 45 min
  • 'Ocean of Serenity' 45 min
  • 'Paradise Forest' 45 min
  • 'Summer Rain' 45 min
  • Bonus Track: 'Balance Plus' 17.05 min
  • Total: 5 tracks. 3.5 Hours of Audio.
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    It only takes a few minutes to get completely relaxed. So relaxed that many use BlissCoded sound to fall asleep!

  • iPhone/iPod & MP3 Player Friendly

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