How to manifest solutions and ideas

Have you ever experienced the following? : You're working hard on coming up with a solution, answer or idea. You think really hard about it but can't quite come up with what you are looking for. Then when you forget about it and go and do something completely different, suddenly you have a eureka moment. You suddenly have a perfect solution! This is because your subconscious mind is always active. It is much more powerful than the conscious mind and will, when there is a solution, transmit it to your conscious mind when you are in a relaxed and receptive state. When we understand how this works we can use it to our advantage. This article will explain this and gives you a technique on how to fetch solutions and ideas from your subconscious mind.

Consciousness and idea manifestation

When we are wide awake, focusing, working and thinking hard, the dominant brainwave frequency is usually the beta brainwave spectrum. This is when we are trying to come up with an idea or solution. What many know and have noticed is that we will get that eureka moment when we are not even trying to anymore. What has happened then is that we have dropped the effort which in return relaxes the mind and our dominant brainwave region starts going down towards a more alpha dominated state. At the alpha dominated state of relaxed consciousness, our awareness is closer to the subconscious region which is even deeper down  starting at the lower alpha spectrum, reaching all the way down to theta and delta. That is the state we are in when we sleep or for some also during deeper meditation. At the alpha state, we begin tapping in to the theta state. A "link" is created allowing for information from the subconscious to come through. The more aware we are in those deeper states, the more open this link between conscious and subconscious becomes and the more data will be able to pass through. The solution which is present in the subconscious suddenly becomes part of the conscious because our awareness has expanded to include part of the subconscious and thus the eureka moment. It is wise to write down the idea when we get it because often when our state changes back to a beta dominated state we can lose the link and also the idea. This is why we often forget dreams. But everything we have ever experienced is actually available to us and now you know the key.

How to expand your consciousness and access more information and ideas

As you have understood by now, we need to form a link between the conscious and subconscious. The more aware or conscious a person is, the more of what would be subconscious to others, is conscious to him or her. This can be developed by meditation. The art of being aware in deeper states. Meditation after some time has permanent changes in the brain, which explains how to expand your awareness. The subconscious mind is infinitely more expanded than the conscious mind of an average person. We can use technology for meditation to increase the effectiveness tremendously by using things like brainwave entrainment and BlissCoded sound. We can also use our sleep to manifest ideas from the deepest delta level of awareness, which is the most expanded point of the subconscious.

Using sleep to manifest ideas and solutions

This technique I'm now going to share is very simple. The one thing it requires is a determined, goal oriented state of mind.

  1.  First you need to actively with your mind be working on what you want. Let's say you are a computer programmer and you need a solution for how to fix a part of your code that isn't working. Be clear about what result you want. You should feel that you really want to solve it.
  2. As you go to bed at night, think to yourself, or even say aloud something along the lines of "As I will now fall asleep, I will use my subconscious mind to... et.c". Repeat it in your mind with clear intent and fill your head with the theme of the subject. Keep in that state of mind as you feel yourself becoming more and more sleepy. Keep with your intention.  As you get really sleepy (in/near the theta state) just let it go completely and allow yourself to fall asleep. This should pass your intention to your subconscious mind effectively. Just completely let go now and enjoy the contrast between the effort you just made and the complete effortlessness of sleep.
  3. In the morning as you wake up, pay attention right away to if you have any ideas or things you are thinking about. It may or may not be a solution to your problem. If you have a solution then great. If you do not, you still may actually have without being aware of it. Your subconscious mind may have passed along something to your conscious mind to for example research, check out, a person to contact or something like that. The solution to your problem may not be along the lines of what you think at all and this could be what manifests later on as you approach from a new angle when you may not even intentionally be working to solve the problem. That is how the subconscious can manifest a solution or idea if your conscious mind is looking in the wrong places.

Manifesting ideas naturally without techniques

People who always seem to have good ideas and are creative, intuitive and just seem to have a certain "flow" with what they do are not just lucky. It is always about the brain. People who do meditation or deep relaxation regularly, start showing changes in their brainwave pattern to include activity in the alpha and theta range even when they are doing every day things. While one person may need to completely relax and close their eyes to be able to think very very focused on something, a person who meditates regularly may already be in that state with eyes open due to the results of regular meditation and will therefore be more effective and also successful. Mediation also increases the speed at which the brain process things. There is not much in life where regular meditation will not help you. It's not some new age airy fairy stuff. The benefits of meditation and the effect on the brain and brainwave activity has been shown over and over in scientific studies.

I recommend starting out with meditation using any of the technology available such as brainwave entrainment and related audio technology because it doesn't require you to learn any techniques or methods. You instantly get into it and the results are more or less automatic. Just do it fairly regularly and you'll see amazing changes in every aspect of your life.

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