Become an affiliate - Earn 60% commission.

How it works

  1. Sign up using the link below.
  2. Once signed up, log in to your affiliate account and get your referral link by clicking "Get affiliate code" and then chose "Marcus Knudsen".
  3. Post the link on your website, blog, youtube video, in emails etc (no spam). This will drive traffic to and anyone who buys will earn you a 60% commission. You can use any of the images available below, create your own image or use a text link. Just put the referral link as the target url.

Affiliate Rules

  • You must have a Paypal account. Commissions will be paid to your paypal account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for one here >>
  • You must have a website of some sort. We will evaluate if your website is suitable.
  • Affiliate Payments are made around the 15th of every month for the prior month sales.
  • You earn a 60% commission for every sale that is generated through your affiliate link.
  • Using your own affiliate link to purchase a product will not grant you a commission.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account at any time for any reason, In particular if we think you are doing something unethical, illegal, are using spam marketing etc.

 Affiliate agreement

If the affiliate program owner think that the way you spread your links, or that your website containing the affiliate link is inappropriate, we can at any time close your affiliate account and remove any or all commissions you might have. Things that will not be tolerated are things like : SPAM, inappropriate website content such as gambling, adult content or hate websites. We reserve the right to cancel your affiliate account on these or any other reason.
When signing up as an affiliate, you agree to this affiliate agreement.

You are free to use any of these images for linking to this website using your affiliate link.

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