The Chakra System


The word "chakra" means "wheel" in Sanskrit, which is a fitting description as they are circular shaped spinning energy centers which exist in our etheric body. The main chakras are seven in number and are located along the spine. Each chakra is linked to specific qualities, organs, emotions and astral planes. An imbalance in a chakra can block the natural flow of energy through it, resulting in problems which can manifest in any of the areas connected with it, be is physical, emotional etc. Often it manifests as a combination of physical, psychyological and emotional imbalances/problems, where the root problem is a blockage in the chakra energy flow which can have been caused by a traumatic or negative life experience.

Depending on the individual spiritual progression, state of emotion etc, we can usually locate each individual to operate out of, or being powered by one of a couple of chakra points which qualities will be reflected in the thoughts and actions. The chakras can be stimulated with sound like chanting and pure tones.

The seven charkas

  • 7, Crown chakra. "Sahasrara".

Location: Top of the head. Color: Violet.

Represents highest level of conciousness. Our connection to spirituality and bliss. An open crown chakra can be experienced feeling as if we are filled with light through the top of our heads. Upper brain.

  • 6, Third eye chakra. "Ajneya".

Location: Centre of forehead slightly above the eyebrows. Color: Indigo.

Here we can see with our Third eye (seeing with closed eyes) if it is active. Intuition, imagination, wisdom, clear thoughts. Sixth sense. The pineal gland (epiphysis) eyes, nose, ears.

  • 5, Throat chakra. "Vishuddhi".

Location: Throat. Color: Light blue.

Communication, expression of the inner voice of one's truth. Thyroid gland, throat, upper lungs, arms, digestive track.

  • 4, Heart chakra. "Anahata".

Location: Center of chest Color: Green.

Compassion devotion and love. Inner peace. Thymus, heart, liver, lungs, blood circulation.

  • 3, Solar plexus chakra. "Manipura".

Location: Below ribcage, above navel. Color: Yellow.

Personal power, identity, self confidence. Satisfaction and contentment. Pancreas, stomach, liver, gall-bladder.

  • 2, Sacral chakra. "Swadisthana".

Location: below the navel. Color: Orange.

Ego, feelings, emotions, sexuality, pleasure and sence of abundance. Creating relationships. Gonads and reproductive organs, legs.

  • 1, Root chakra. "Muladhara".

Location: Base of the spine. Color: Red.

Physical vitality, survival and self preservation. Suprarenal glands, prostate Kidneys, bladder, spine.

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