Super Easy Relaxation With Breathing

Did you know that 75-90% of all doctors visits are for stress-related ailments?The body is designed to be able to experience and cope with stress within a reasonable level. But when exposed to stress continuously, as is the case in the high paced society today, after a while the natural ability the body has to deal with stress gets worn-out and we begin to experience stress-related problems like headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, problems sleeping, anxiety, depression, skin conditions, heart problems et.c. The list goes on. The lifetime prevelence of emotional disorders have been shows to in more than 50% of the time be due to chronic untreated stress reactions, towards which unfortunately far more are headed than you might think.

Being able get stress relief is important, and finding a way to get this in a way that really works, when you don't know where to look, is not that easy. Using brainwave entrainment is probably the easiest way, but you can also use techniques that does not require any technology of course!

Technique 1: Relax through breathing

When we are stressed, our mind is "all over the place". An easy technique to center ourselves to a calm and focused state of mind is to use a breathing technique for relaxation. The one I will share here is one of the easiest and most effective ones I've come across.

Instructions: With eyes open or closed, sitting up or laying down, start out by taking a really deep breath. Breath in slow and deep and feel the air going in through your nostrils and how it fills the lungs. Breath from your belly. As you breath out, imagine how all tension, worry and negative emotion goes out with the air. Imagine it completely leaving your body and mind. Do this a couple of times and relax deeply as you breath out. After this, simply breath normally, but pay attention on the sensation of the air: How it feels as it passes through your nose, down into your lungs, stays there for a little while and then goes out again. Make the sensation your focus. Keep breathing calmly and maintain focus on the breath. Let any thoughts that come up pass through. Allow them to be there and allow them to pass like clouds in the sky. Whatever you feel is perfectly fine. The thoughts will start clearing up after a little while. Continue for as long as you feel you need or want to. This technique can be done at any time, for example while working or doing any type of normal day-to-day activity. The more you do it, the better it works. After repeated practice you can start feeling a maintained feeling of flow and relaxation being with you throughout your day.

Technique 2: Brainwave entrainment

We can - thanks to audio technology - slow the stressed brainwave activity down to a stress-free level, making a change from the inside out. Doing it this way by using brainwave entrainment is easy and is often experienced as becoming alive in a whole new way, especially for those under severe stress. This can literally change a person's whole life. Most people who suffer from stress are not even aware of it and notice it either when the doctor tells them their problems are stress-related, or when they try some form of relaxation and notice a huge difference. Using brainwave entrainment to relax is scientifically proven to be incredibly effective and requires nothing more than listening to brainwave entrainment audio with headphones. I offer a MP3 download titled simply Stress Relief for this.

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