Stress Relief

Relieve stress whenever you want, or maintain a relaxed state by using the 'Stress Relief" MP3 during daily activity.

Relieve Stress and Come Alive From the Inside Out

True stress relief is not just necessary, but life-changing and can effectively be done with the brainwave entrainment MP3 downloadable on this page.

  • Stress relief from within.
  • Calms and balances the brain hemispheres and nervous system.
  • Hugely increases creativity and problem solving.
  • Effective against anxiety, stress and pain.
  • Improves memory.
  • Maintains a sense of inner calm.
  • Increases your energy levels.
  • Improves mood.

Stress releif is a vital necessity in todays society

Did you know that 75-90% of all doctors visits are for stress-related ailments? The body is designed to be able to experience and cope with stress within a reasonable level. But when exposed to stress continuously, as is the case in the high paced society today, after a while the natural ability the body has to deal with stress gets worn-out and we begin to experience problems like headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, problems sleeping, anxiety, depression, skin conditions, heart problems et.c. The list goes on. The lifetime prevelence of emotional disorders have been shows to in more than 50% of the time be due to chronic untreated stress reactions, towards which unfortunately far more are headed than you might think.

Being able get stress relief is important, and finding a way to get this in a way that really works, when you don't know where to look, is not that easy. I want to tell you that we can - thanks to audio technology - slow the stressed brainwave activity down to a stress-free level, making a change from the inside out. Doing it this way by using brainwave entrainment is easy and is often experienced as becoming alive in a whole new way. This can literally change a person's whole life. Most people who suffer from stress are not even aware of it.


Slowing down the stressed brainwave activity to the "alpha state" is much more necessary than most are aware of.

Relieve stress whenever you want

You may have been made to believe that to experience relaxed well-being in your daytime life you need to be some kind of a zen-expert or special in some way. That is not at all true! Anyone can make this happen and as cheesy as it may sound, it can simply be a matter of pushing a button. When you listen to audio known as brainwave entrainment, this is actually the case. I've written how brainwave entrainment works here [link].

I've put together an audio track that very effectively creates stress relief by stimulating the brain to function in the Alpha brainwave range, which is experienced as feeling very relaxed, creative, positive and with a hugely increased ability to think clearly. Health improves, from within. The relaxed state stays with for a large part of the day and you can make a "refill" any time you want. About 80% of all emotional and physical problems are caused by stress after all. That is something to remember.

"Stress Relief" MP3 - Information

This 40 minute long audio track uses the full spectrum of Alpha brainwave entrainment using a 432 Hz carrier wave. It is made to keep you very pleasantly relaxed and balanced without making you sleepy. The research behind brainwave audio comes from EEG studies showing that playing tones in a specific way creates an effect where the brain will start creating brainwaves within the desired spectrum.

Instructions: Use any type of headphones and play at a volume you feel is comfortable. Can be used while doing other things like working at a computer, or for a deeper effect you can close your eyes and relax deeper if you wish. Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery. Use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. The audio track can then easily be transferred to any MP3 players, like an iPod, iPhone etc.

People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

Track Length: 40 minutes. Format: Mp3. Type: Audio. Digital download. No physical goods.

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