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Automatically program yourself to have Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) with  Ultrasonic silent subliminals and reach the optimal state for Out of Body experiences with Isochronic brainwave entrainment and BlissCoded sound. 

"Guided with the goal of  assisting people in having Out of Body Experiences (OOBE), I successfully put 3 powerful technologies together: Brainwave entrainment, Ultrasonic subliminals & BlissCoded sound. The result is a track that puts you in the optimal state for OOBE while programming the endlessly powerful subconscious mind to build this skill."

/ Marcus Knudsen - Inventor of BlissCoded sound

There are no other websites offering this mix of simultaneous technologies since I as the inventor of BlissCoded sound decided to keep it from exploitation by not sharing the technique. There is no competitor. No need to look around. This is it.

How "Out of body" guides your brain and subconscious mind to result in OOBE experiences.

The key to having Out of Body experiences at will is to enter a state which is neither the deepest sleep, REM sleep nor an awake state. Robert Monroe (October 30, 1915 – March 17, 1995) who was an expert out of body experiencer and creator of Hemisync, called it "Mind awake - Body asleep". In terms of how this state converts to brainwave activity, EEG research has showed deep Theta brainwaves and a simultaneous presence of the awake Beta brainwaves occurring for the duration of the OOBEs. The state where this happens is called sleep stage 1 (out of 4).  As we start entering this stage the brain relaxes to a Alpha/Theta dominated pattern. Then comes the hypnagogic state where we may see swirling colors, shapes, faces, hear sound etc. This is the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. Just a tad deeper the brain decides that the body is asleep and disables the ability to move the body. Here is where if we are still awake mentally/spiritually, we can leave the body. The brainwave pattern process of the brain going to this state is recreated in "Out of Body" using brainwave entrainment. The Theta state with just the right amount of Beta brainwaves helps you keep your mind awake while the body falls asleep. The signature effects from BlissCoded sound where we relax so deeply that we become increasingly unaware of the body assists in the process.

At the same time, ultrasonic silent subliminals (SSSS or S-Quad technology) are transmitted directly to the subconscious, programming  and helping you to have out of body experiences. There are no magic pills for out of body experiences, since your own will and cooperation is the final piece of the puzzle (which is where the subliminals come in), but this is a lot of help.

Main features:

  • Beta, Alpha and Theta entrainment guides you to optimal state for OOBE.
  • Ultrasonic Subliminals
  • BlissCoded Sound
  • Soft filtered pink/white noise & BlissCoded light rain sound.
  • Highest MP3 quality possible (320 kbps)

This happens during the use of this MP3:

  • 0-5 min: A relaxed yet alert state is established.
  • 5-19 min: Alpha Brainwaves are made the dominating pattern.
  • 19-31 min: The Alpha state begins balancing with Theta frequencies.
  • 31-49 min: Theta waves reflecting sleep stage 1 gradually takes over completely while using short peaks of Beta to keep the mind awake. This is copying the pattern shown for most OOBE experiencers.
  • 49+ min: Track ends. You're now in an optimal state to continue on your own.

What are ultrasonic subliminals?


To simplify it, it is a recorded voice message that is "moved" from the frequencies you can hear, higher up, above the frequencies you can consciously detect. It has been found however, that the subconscious mind picks it up, bypassing the filter of the conscious mind completely. Read more about it here.

Subliminals used in Out of Body +
  • I now accept that I decide my reality. Anything is possible.
  • I now through my subconscious mind quickly and effectively develop, maintain and increase the ability to have out of body experiences.
  • I now completely let go of any and all negative beliefs and worries about out of body experiences.
  • I permit myself to have out of body experiences.
  • I now feel very motivated to have out of body experiences.
  • It is easy to have out of body experiences.
  • I now easily remain awake while my body is falling asleep.
  • I now easily remain awake when my body is asleep.
  • I now detect when my body is asleep.
  • I now fully master falling asleep with my body while my mind remains awake.
  • I now easily at will leave my body while it is asleep.
  • I now always feel extremely comfortable, focused and safe while being out of body.
  • I am now completely in control while being out of body.
  • I now remember everything that happens when I return after being out of body.
  • I now easily remember all my out of body experiences.
  • I now easily and at will remain out of body for as long as I want unless returning is necessary.
  • I am an extremely powerful spiritual being.
  • My ability to have out of body experiences at will is now increased tremendously.
  • I will regularly use this audio for out of body experiences.
  • I now perfectly align, connect, and adjust, all levels of my conscious and subconscious mind the way needed to safely manifest and uphold the reality of me easily having out of body experiences.
  • Having out of body experiences is now a natural ability of mine.

What is brainwave entrainment?

The short explanation is that the brain activity signals which can be measured using EEG, can be stimulated, or be made to follow a beat, rhythm or frequency transmitted through sound. For instance playing a drum at 5 beats per second will result in a frequency following effect with the brain signals synchronizing to 5 hz (A frequency of 1 hertz means that something happens once a second). 5 Hz brainwave signal is a deeply relaxed state near sleep. Using digital sound technology we can today induce brain states very effectively. Read more about brainwave entrainment here.

Robert Monroes OOBE technique (click to expand) +

For most people, just reaching the state of "mind awake - body asleep" (some prefer to say "soul awake - body asleep") is perfectly sufficient for moving out of the body. There are techniques also which while not necessary. They could be of interest:

In Robert Monroes book titled 'Journeys Out of the Body' he describes his own technique for inducing OOBEs. It starts with what he calls the "vibrational state". Often an OOBE start with a vibrating or shaking feeling in the body.
He suggests the following: Lie down with your head pointing to magnetic north. Personally I don't know how important that is. The out of body experiences I've had, my head was not facing north, but then I never tried facing north, so I can't really comment on that. Make sure you are comfortable, so remove glasses, watch, wear comfortable clothes etc and stay warm. Make sure you wont be disturbed and that you have lots of time. Robert then starts with relaxing and then repeating to himself five times: "I will consciously perceive and remember all that I encounter during this relaxation procedure. I will recall in detail when I am completely awake only those matters which will be beneficial to my physical and mental being." Then begin breathing through your half-open mouth.
While entering the hypnagogic state (as described on this page above), Monroe recommends to deepen it by clearing your mind and observe your field of vision through your closed eyes. Do nothing more for a while. Just look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you. After a while, you may see swirling colors, light patterns, hear sounds etc. Robert says these are neural discharges and have no real value in themselves. When they decline and stop, that is what Robert Monroe calls Condition B. Then one needs to relax even deeper while remaining awake (mind awake - body asleep) and reach what Robert calls Condition C - a state where you are not aware of the body and sensory stimulation (might feel like it isn't there, or you are simply unaware of it completely). As you get even deeper and all that is left is your own thoughts, this is what Robert Monroe calls Condition D and is the ultimate state to leave the body. Being rested and reaching this state voluntarily is the most important part according to Robert and recommends doing it in the morning or after a nap.
Then comes the actual technique: look into the blackness about one foot (30 cm) from your forehead and concentrate on that point. Then move focus gradually to three feet away (about 90 cm), then six feet (180cm) and then turn focus 90 degrees upward from that point, above your head. Monroe says you can then feel vibrations at that spot which you should mentally "pull into your head". He describes the vibration as a surging, hissing, rhythmically pulsating. Then these vibrations go throughout the body, making the body immobile. It is said that this is not as complicated as it sounds. If you have heard a clear buzzing or hissing while falling asleep, you may understand why it isn't as hard as it seems, since you've already been there.
Monroe says once you reach this state it is not possible to turn back. You can then try lifting an arm or trying to grab something out of reach and putting the arm back where it was.
To then leave the body fully, Robert uses what he calls the "lift-out" technique by simply imagining getting lighter and lighter, until lifting out of the body. Other techniques are:
Float out - visualize your viewpoint has risen a few feet into the air
Swing out - visualize a swing forming long arcs as you gain momentum
Sink out - imagine your dream body slowly dropping through the bed
Roll out - visualize yourself turning on your side and rolling over
Teleport out - imagine another location and engage your senses
What it comes down to is simply being awake while the body is asleep and I look at Roberts method as a good guideline in which you can experiment. The out of body experiences I have had myself have not involved this method at all. They have all been after laying down after third eye mediation, falling asleep and then waking up deciding to get up from bed and the body then remaining in bed, so it doesn't have to be complex at all.



"Out of body" Product Information

This 49 minute long audio track uses Beta, Alpha and Theta brainwave entrainment (isochronic. Headphones not required), BlissCoded sound and Ultrasonic subliminals. The research behind brainwave audio comes from EEG studies showing that playing tones mimicking brainwave activity will stimulate the brain to follow the entrainment audio. Ultrasonic Subliminals bypass the conscious mind, placing information directly into the endlessly more powerful subconscious mind. Instructions (Please read): Headphones are recommended, but not needed.  Preferably lie down. Close your eyes. Make sure you'll be undisturbed. Practice remaining awake while letting your body fall asleep. When audio ends you can continue without the audio.  Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery. Use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. Transfer to your iPad/iPod/iPhone/MP3 player or listen directly on your computer. This track is for practising OOBE. It becomes more effective with frequent use. Use once daily tops. Volume: Use a fairly gentle volume level.

People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

'Out of Body' special offer

Gives you an extra track containing purely the Ultrasonic Silent subliminals used in "Out of body" as an extra standalone track, which you can use to program yourself while you sleep at night also. This audio is experienced as completely silent. Standalone silent subliminals on this website are $19 USD, but with this offer it only adds another $9 USD.

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