Meditation in lucid Dreams

Learn how to turn lucid dreams into transformational meditation through doing a third eye meditation technique. Doing this simple technique will let you experience higher planes within the 4-dimensional realm.

When studying the ancient third eye medtiation techniques Sant mat and Surat stabd yoga, the first thing you learn is that you withdraw your awareness fully to the third eye center/chakra. At that point, there is no awareness of the physical body. At this stage comes the meditative experiences of inner light, sound, etc.

The goal of Lucid dreaming is merely the starting point

When doing third eye meditation frequently, we start to become more aware, meaning we will also be more aware of when we are dreaming when the body is asleep. In a full lucid dream, when we are aware in the dream, we are  in a similar state to having withdrawn our awareness from the body because the body is asleep. With these third eye meditation techniques, when at this stage, the meditation continues, while with most lucid dreaming, this stage is the goal itself: to simply be aware (in a dream) while the body is asleep. The lucid dreamer will then explore, have fun or just do whatever they like while in this state.

The astral body too is a body of sorts and the astral world is a world just like the physical world is, but in the astral world we can do different things because It is not bound by the same limitations.

This non phsyical plane is usually the goal of the lucid dreamer while it is merely the starting point for the deepest meditation. In third eye meditation techniques such as Sant Mat and Surat Shabd yoga, this is where their meditation starts, meaning when consciousness is withdrawn from the physical body. You too, can do what they do and when you have a lucid dream you only have to do one thing. So what do they do? Just like they focus on the third eye when they are in the physical body, they continue focusing on the third eye when they've withdrawn their consciousness from the physical body and continue doing it with the astral body. From there they reach higher planes and development of consciousness really reaches new heights. So that is what you can do too, when you find yourself in a lucid dream!

When you do this, you can experience how you start moving, as though you are flying, you can start hearing sounds like the ones described in teachings of ancient meditation techniques. While they withdraw their attention from the body using meditation, your attention also is withdrawn from the physical body while in a lucid dream. The difference is that one crossed over fully aware the whole time while the other became awareduring a dream. Here you can meditate with your awareness fully withdrawn from the physical body.

Distractions and temptations of the astral realm

The key to continue moving to higher planes is to put attention on the third eye. There will be so many distractions, so many things which may grab your attention. There will be temptations that you may feel drawn to. You can stop putting attention on the third eye and experience these things. It is almost like there is something doing everything it can to grab your attention to stop you from moving higher. The energetic quality of these “temptations” seem to be exactly matched with you, things you like, dislike, long for, your memories, desires etc. If you stop and investigate, you’ll notice this.

The energetic qualities of these distractions or temptations seem to almost certainly pull consciousness to a usually lower energy center (chakra) than the third eye. Of course this then momentarily stops your progression to higher qualitative planes and ensnares you in the many temptations of the mind.

The importance of inner qualities

In these ancient meditation systems, they usually have a spiritual master, some times called a “perfect living master”. Someone living here and now, mastering the 4th and even 5th dimensional realm. It is said that at any given time, there is only a handfull on the planet. They give as a technique to also experience their love of this master, to visualise the master and focus on the love for him or her. It is said to help with reaching higher planes more easily. Such love has a high qualitative vibration. Your inner vibrational state or quality is sort of like a magnet, especially in the non physical world. This seems to be why this helps with avoiding many lower qualitative temptations of these realms and instead pull you higher. If someone for instance feel anger, hate, jealousy etc, which vibrate at much lower quality, then the pull will automatically be to realms corresponding to the vibrational quality of that.

These inner qualities improve more and more as the meditation itself starts clearing out energy blockages causing disharmony.

Symbol of the third eye chakra

Reaching higher planes

It seems that if you become aware that you are dreaming, you may have your consciousness at a chakra point lower than the third eye, while in the mentioned meditation systems, they enter with the consciousness already lifted to the third eye. When you during a lucid dream focus on the third eye, you can experience a sensation like flying upwards, which seems to correspond to your consciousness actually lifting upwards to the higher chakras. Here, you can continue doing this to reach the third eye center. Then you’ll start reaching higher planes in the 4 dimensional reality and can experience transformative insights etc.

It is possible at this point to experience strong energies, which can activate the kundalini energy in a natural way.

These techniques of developing the consciousness is what the Consciousness Development System (CDS) is about. It is about reaching a higher consciousness which opens up for a 4-dimensional awareness. 4-dimensional simply meaning the next dimension after our third, which is non physical. Remember that just because it is 4th instead of 3rd, it doesn't automatically mean that all beings you may encounter are of higher quality. There are both unpleasant, pleasant and extremely pleasant realms in the 4th dimension. The higher ones would correspond to what Yogis call Nirvana, though in Surat Shabd yoga and Sant Mat meditation, it is taught that is the mid/upper realms of the 4th dimensional plane and that there are much higher planes than that.

Final words

The key, once again, is to keep attention on the third eye, listen to the inner sounds and thereby keep moving to higher planes. In these meditation techniques they teach that whatever appears in front of you, like a star, planet, sun, etc, you keep your attention in the middle and move right through. The higher planes, the higher qualitative transformational energies, insights etc is experienced that way.

 I am in no way a meditation teacher, expert or initiated in Sant Mat or Surat shabd yoga. From seeking and curiosity I've found information from these, perfectly describing experiences one actually gets from doing third eye meditation, which helps explain what is happening, as well as guidelines that actually do what they say. I believe that the most important thing for the human race and for ourselves is to develop a higher qualitative consciousness. This is a way of effectively doing this.

Through the years, I’ve studied and tried these things and developed the CDS (Consciousness Development System) audio to help the progress of this sort of meditation.  It speeds up the process. Also in the ancient meditation techniques I've studied, they say you need to spend several hours each day doing third eye meditation. This doesn't work in the world we live in today. Sound technology helps you to much quicker reach the deep meditative state required so that you don't need to spend that long time every day. Remember that this sort of assistance with audio technology was not around when these ancient third eye meditation techniques came about. We should make the best use of it. You will find the CDS meditation technique in the link below.

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