How to have out of body experiences

Most people are aware what an OOBE (out of body experience) is and surprisingly many have experienced a full or partial OOBE in some way. People have reported OOBE's in various situations, often in states near sleep: when falling asleep, or in the morning when waking up. People who meditate also some times experience this when the body is sleeping but the mind is awake, and some meditators can do this at will. There are many reports of people who have had a near death experience were the body was actually dead for some minutes or sometimes hours, but they experienced leaving the body, looking down on it and sometimes moving on in to some type of a tunnel towards a bright light, but then returning back to the body. Some skeptics claim the OOBE (out of body experience) is simply the mind playing a trick on us, but how does that explain a person who is pronounced clinically dead by doctors, suddenly waking up. Not only that, but often the person can describe things that happened in the room while he/she was dead that would have been impossible to know without being present in the room.

Technique to induce OOBE

The trick is to be awake while the body is asleep. When you go to bed to sleep you can try focusing on something really hard. It can be a part of your body, a mind game, counting numbers silently in your mind etc. If you count numbers, don't just count from 1. Have a pattern like counting to 9 and then backwards to 1 again before starting over. This will take a bit more effort and force your brain to be awake to handle the task. This takes practice of course, but a sign that you are on the right track is when you can no longer feel parts of your body. Usually it starts with the legs and then moves up until there is no sensation of the body at all. If you are relaxed enough you can gently sit up in your bed. If successful your body will remain lying down while "you" sit up. You may feel electric and hear a buzzing sound. That is a sign that you are not 100% relaxed in the body. You may still be able to move out of your body but it might feel uncomfortable. You can also try "rolling out" of your body. Just like you do when you are on your back and roll over to the side. The key is to be really alert mentally while staying very calm and not moving at all. It can be hard to stay calm when you feel close to leaving your body. It's easy to get too excited:"I'm almost out!!". But don't get frustrated if you do not succeed at first. In fact, expect that you will probably NOT succeed in the beginning, this way you won't get too disappointed or give up too quickly. There are many more techniques but this is one of the easiest ones that anyone can do.

How I had most of my OOBE experiences

This is not a technique developed to induce out of body experiences, but a medtiation to increase awareness and opening the third eye. The side effects however can result in out of body experiences. I know because this happens to me. I do medtiation. A particular kind of medtiation I do is third eye medtiation. What I do is I focus on the third eye slightly above and between the eyebrows. The key is to try and keep focused while breathing in a way that is deeper than normal: Breath in through the nose slower and deeper than normal, hold it for a little while and then breath out through the mouth for about as long as you spend breathing in. When your mind drifts off, keep bringing your focus gently back to focusing on the third eye. Don't get annoyed when you lose focus. Instead see it as a good chance for you to practise getting your focus back. This is the practise, bringing focus back and maintaining it. Let every breath remind you to maintain focus on the third eye. Keep doing this from 20 to 30 minutes. Then what you do is you completely let go of everything. Absolutely everything. Relax completely like you would when you are going to sleep. You should lie down at this stage. There are two stages: 1, focus. 2, Let go. In stage 1 you sit up. In stage 2 you lie down. Stage one increases your awareness. The more it is increased, the more likely it is that when the body falls asleep in stage 2, your mind remains awake. You can then find yourself in a lucid dream where you are in control. If you try to get up or roll over from where you are you may leave the body behind. This has happened to me many times.

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