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How to use attention in third eye meditation

Withdrawing the attention to single pointed focus on the third eye is the key to higher levels of consciousness. We'll experience inner light, sound, travel non physical worlds and become lucid inside dreams etc. This article is to show why it is a complete misconception that this would be hard. People stop doing third eye meditation because they think they are failing. They are actually not. It is the mind that fools us into thinking so. This is why I call the power of attention a hidden power. If you simply have the knowledge from this article, you'll have unlocked the key to raise consciousness to the third eye level. The third eye is the key to higher states of consciousness.

There is no failure in third eye meditation, unless you stop doing it. Not even then actually, because you learn from experience.
In third eye meditation you place your attention on the third eye center. The third eye corresponds to the pineal gland and the chakra center for this is between and slightly above the eyebrows.  First, let us be clear on what we mean by attention in this context:

How to direct the power of attention

You always have your attention on something. If you are reading a book, your attention is on what the text is conveying. If you are working out a solution to something, your attention is on that. If you are looking at an object in your hand you are also using the power of attention that we are talking about. This is a power that we can direct but is normally left on auto pilot. We see and react automatically. A simple example of breaking this is that you could close your eyes and place your attention on your right hand. You are then by conscious decision directing the power of attention and the auto pilot is off. Now you are directing your attention consciously. You'll notice that you become much more aware of your hand and notice for instance if the hand feels warm or cold, you'll feel if maybe you have some pain and how the slightest movement of the fingers triggers certain muscles etc. You may notice how everything else sort of fades away into the background. This can feel quite good as it calms the mind down. It can be a zen type of experience and you simply do this by directing your attention. We don't need to look at the hand. We just place our attention there. It's very simple. In the same way you can place our attention on the third eye center in third eye meditation. So as you see, this is actually so easy that anyone can do it. It is no harder to focus on the third eye than anything else.

The incorrect assumption of failure in third eye meditation

The mind works automatically, changing its attention to whatever arises. The mind is like a tool. When you focus on the third eye in meditation, various thoughts will appear, like they always do: "Did I turn off the stove? I need to work out tomorrow. The car needs a repair. What should I have for dinner?" etc. You then notice that your attention have moved from the third eye center to the content of the thoughts. Here is the exact moment where the incorrect assumption that you're failing the meditation comes in. It is actually the other way around because you became aware of your attention. It means you regained conscious attention. You go back to placing it on the third eye center.
This process of gently bringing conscious attention back when it wonders off IS the process of increasing your ability to focus on the third eye. An incorrect assumption is: "Oh no, I'm failing. I can't stay focused". But you just became aware of it so your awareness turned from the more unaware automatic functioning, to aware.
By doing this, you'll notice that your conscious attention stays for longer periods of time. This is great progress! It means your awareness is actually not decreasing, but increasing.

How to deal with distracting thoughts: Don't

Distracting thoughts will come and go. That is just how it is, just like the grass is green. Simply and gently bring your attention to the third eye and let thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky.  After all, you sat down to meditate, so you know you won't deal with the content of those thoughts now anyway. They are automatic and not something to struggle with, but to simply accept without going deeper in to them. This leads to that the time stayed focused on the third eye steadily increases. This is the progress you are looking for in third eye meditation. In some third eye meditation techniques, a mantra is repeated in the mind during meditation to keep the mind from wandering about too much.

What happens with third eye meditation?

Your state of awareness during meditation on the third eye is eventually turned completely inward. This is the "portal" to the non physical (astral, 4-dimensional) reality. Right there in your own head. The more attention is withdrawn to this single point, the more the inner world opens up and will be automatically more open and easier to access as you progress. People travel the world to find a bigger meaning to life, to find peace and some sort of knowledge and understanding. We don't need to even move. You do the opposite and turn inward by single-pointed awareness. You'll start discovering that you are not the body, but in a body so you'll realize that there really is no "death". You may have understood it intellectually before this, but now you're experiencing it. It becomes real. Astral travel, out of body experiences and such will start to demystify for you. Everything will be seen in a whole new light and you'll understand that this 3 dimensional reality is a grain of sand in the desert compared to what is beyond.
As a result of this meditation you'll be able to focus on what you are doing much much better, think of multiple things at the same time, become more healthy, relaxed and your intuition will increase as well as your brain becoming increasingly effective as you'll link your daytime awareness to the deeper and more expanded Alpha and Theta brainwave state, gaining access to a a state where ideas and creativity flows through from that effortless state of brilliance to your normal awake state. What really goes on on a larger scale in this physical world will become much clearer.

You can start doing third eye meditation yourself, today.

Our biggest hidden power is the power of attention, If we know how to use it. This is nothing new, as it has been and still is taught in ancient third eye meditation techniques, like in the technique named Sant Mat, which opens up for inner light and sound experiences. However, adapting this to the modern day and informing about it in a way that we can relate to today is very important as it will help the world in the development of a higher consciousness, which is needed for its and our survival here.
There is a specific third eye meditation technique available for this exact purpose on this website, named CDS (Consciousness Development System). The technique is simple and available for free so you can try it already today. There is also meditation audio available for greatly increasing the effectiveness of this exact type of meditation.

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