The Meditation Bringing Happiness, Freedom and Expanded Consciousness

HOW and WHY it really works

People who do meditation are happier, more effective, healthier and more successful than others. If you use sound technology for meditation, combined with an effective meditation technique, you're getting the best of the best. You'll reach in months what would take years with non technology-assisted meditation. With the Consciousness Development System (CDS) you get right into it and the technology makes sure it works 100%, from the first time.
After doing meditation for a period of time it is common that the body sort of moves a little by itself during the meditation, especially the spine. It is because energy is moving in the energy system. This is what starts removing energy blockages. You can compare it to pouring water into a glass with dust in it. The dust starts lifting up, whirling around and eventually pours out of the glass. If not removed, these blockages result in imbalances emotionally, mentally etc which result in all kinds of negative symptoms. These blockages are imbalances created throughout your life from negative experiences. They'll trigger the negative emotion associated with them, which can be for instance sadness, anger, fear etc. You must remove these, or you'll remain with the same problems and sufferings for the rest of your life. If these are removed however, you whole life and life quality is developing and both you and other people will notice the changes in you.

As these clear out, you feel happier and more and more free. Your mind becomes much sharper and you'll start seeing the world as it really is because removing the energy blockages de-programs illogical automatic reactions which are based on the feelings triggered in the energy blockage. For instance if you've had a traumatic experience with water, you may develop fear of being in water. It creates an energy blockage which is triggered when you're either reminded of this event or when directly exposed to it. During meditation when the life energy starts flowing through the body, it can clear out this blockage and you'll suddenly discover you have no problems with water anymore.
The same type of reactions we have to many many things which we are not even aware of and when these blockages start clearing out mind will start functioning as it should. Your "reality filter" is cleared. You'll start noticing and seeing things that you haven't before and you'll find it strange how others are not noticing these things. We are subjected to programming of the mind daily through for instance movies, mainstream news media, TV-series etc.

When you involve meditation on the "third eye", you'll start making much better decisions because third eye meditation raises your awareness to a higher level at the same time as your decisions are less and less colored by emotional imbalances etc. Decisions taken by people with many energy blockages and with their consciousness focused in lower chakras are usually not optimal decisions, leading to problems. With the consciousness at a higher level, your decisions will instead result in a positive flow. Things will start really going your way. With success comes also abundance. Spiritual people often look down on financial wealth as being something ugly and superficial, but there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money in the bank. It is about doing the right things with it.
As we progress we will start having experiences of for instance being outside the body, traveling inner astral worlds, being awake (lucid) in dreams, hearing sounds and seeing lights inside, experiencing very blissful feelings which we want to last forever etc. We will know that there is no death, as we've been outside the body many times. Our perspective will change from our small previous one to a much larger picture, where we understand how all things connect. Reality will be multi-dimensional as we'll realize that other non human intelligence are here too. We start reaching a much higher human potential which is beyond what most people could even imagine.

This sort of process is what we need to go through, not only for individual development, but for humans on earth to see through the control system and avoid becoming completely controlled by an insane elite striving for total control over the planet. As many as possible need start doing it now when this chance is presented. We must wake up and break free. True freedom is not only your living conditions, but is experienced inside in a way that can not be described how sweet it is.
For this exact purpose the Consciousness Development System (CDS) was developed which has been refining for about 15 years when writing this, combining the ultimate meditation technique with technology for fantastic results. The best part is that it's easy and that everyone can do it starting today. Don't miss this opportunity.

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