Deep Journey is the deepest reaching track available on this website.  The deepest meditation we usually hear of reaches down to the deep Theta state. Deep Journey goes even deeper down into the Delta state using a specific combination of brainwave entrainment and BlissCoded sound.

  • Deepest level of meditation & Yoga
  • Anti-aging
  • Improved sleep
  • Protect cells from damage (Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid production)
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Headache & Pain relief
  • Etc...

Experience the amazing benefits of the Delta Brainwave state.

Delta brainwave benefits

Deep healing: Delta brainwaves are known to be very restorative. Their regenerative effects are very significant. Delta is the brainwave that helps restore your body back to its natural state.
Meditation & Yoga: In some forms of Yoga, meditation and Advaita Vedanta ("non duality"), being aware in the "dreamless sleep" state is considered the highest state of consciousness.
Headache & Pain relief: In a test done in 1985 by Solomon GD, it was shown that 14 out of 15 headaches went away with the use of Delta brainwave entrainment.
Improved sleep: In a 2002 study it was proven that 58% of the participants got improvements in sleep and reduction in fatigue using Delta brainwave entrainment.
Anti-aging: Delta waves release various hormones that promote anti-aging processes. These hormones include DHEA as well as melatonin.

Why the Delta brainwave state is so special

The Delta brainwave frequency range (0.5 to 4 Hz) is so deep that they are considered deeper than dream state, is found as the dominating frequency range in deep, dreamless sleep and in extraordinarily deep meditation where awareness is fully detached. In meditation, Yoga etc, the Delta state is usually considered the "final stage" to master.

Some people who do Yoga Nidra (a type of deep sleep meditation) are able to remain conscious while in Delta-sleep. In for example Advaita Vedanta ("non duality"),  being aware in the "dreamless sleep" state is considered the highest state of consciousness.

Apart from the "spiritual" benefits of Delta brainwaves, the health benefits from Delta brainwaves are incredible. They are linked to Intuition, anti-aging, improved sleep, cell protection, Human Growth Hormone production (HGH), improved immune system, reduced anxiety and headache relief, just to name a few.

Intuition:  The metaphysical connection between Delta and expanded states of consciousness suggest a strong link between Delta brainwaves and increased intuition.
Empathy: A deep sense of empathy in people have been linked to Delta brainwaves. It seems the Delta waves increase the ability to sense others' emotions and feelings.
Cell protection: Increase  of Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid (GHB) which is a substance in the central nervous system with neuroprotective properties protecting from cell damage.
Human Growth Hormone (HGH): is said to be released at Delta frequencies, around 1.05 Hz. This frequency is included in "Deep Journey".
Immune system: Your body and mind regenerate in the deepest levels of delta brainwaves. Delta waves play a huge role in immune system functioning.
Reduced anxiety: In 2005 a study was made with 108 patients which proved that Delta brainwave entrainment lowered their anxiety by 26.3%.

"Deep Journey" - Information

This 58 minute long audio track uses BlissCoded sound and a combination of Isochronic and Binaural beats. It starts out at Theta entrainment and ramps down to low Delta.

Instructions: Headphones needed. Preferably lie down with eyes closed and just relax. Try and arrange to be undisturbed while listening. It is likely that you will fall asleep, which is a sign that it's working. You can use this recording daily.
You must use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. iPad does not support the downloading of files if you do not have a special app for that.  You can easily transfer to your iPod, iPad etc using iTunes or any other device that can play MP3 audio. You can also listen directly on your computer.

Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery.

People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

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