Cosmic Consciousness

"Simultanious balance between the left and right brain hemispheres, all three parts of the nervous-system together with a golden ratio brainwave pattern brings about a blissful experience and a process awakening the third eye (pineal gland - the cosmic eye). This is for those who want to take the next step towards a higher consciousness ."

/ Marcus Knudsen - Inventor of BlissCoded sound

We are at a crossroads as a civilization. A point in our evolution where we need to take the next step towards a higher 4 dimensional cosmic consciousness. (leading to a 5 dimensional quantum consciousness). The process to doing so has been around for thousands of years, but today we can use technology to reach this goal much faster. This is the first tool of it's kind using this particular holistic blend of brainwave, Golden ratio, ultrasonic subliminal and pythagorean tuning technologies as a powerful tool to activate the pineal gland, reach a higher state of consciousness - a cosmic consciousness.

The cadeceus staff. Snakes and rod are the parasympathetic, sympathetic and central nervous system (the spine). The two wings represent the left and right brain hemispheres. When all these are in balance, the third eye is activated, symbolized by the ball in the middle.

The caduceus staff and pineal gland activation.

The ancient cadeceus staff depicts two snakes, usually one black and the other in white, coiled around a staff which on top has a pair of wings with a ball in the center. The ball on the top of this cadeceus staff represents the pineal gland, the third eye. The two snakes and the staff represents the three energy channels (positive +, negative -, and neutral - 0) known as ida, pingala and sushumna in sanskrit which translates into the sympathetic, parasympathetic  and  central nervous system (CNS). The staff (spine - CNS) is where the kundalini energy flows. The left and right wings is a reference to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When these elements are simultaniously balanced, the pineal gland, represented by the ball, is activated. So the caduceus staff is actually a representation of the parts involved in our own awakening to higher consciousness, opening the gateway from 3rd to the 4th dimensional consciousness.

The balance required for higher consciousness and pineal gland activation, showed by the caduceus staff, is all within the reach of what we can do assisted with this sound technology.

Sound technologies used in 'Cosmic Consciousness"

Brainwave entrainment

  • Binaural, isochronic and amplitude modulation brainwave entrainment
  • Phi (1.618, golden ratio) brainwave entrainment patterns
  • Pythagorean tuning scale (432hz) Third eye and crown chakra tuning

Mind balance/clearing

  • Blisscoded sound - digital
  • Blisscoded sound - natural (rain)
  • Soft surf sound (brown noise)

Ultrasonic silent subliminals (s-quad)

  • Hemispheric synchronization
  • Complete nervous-system balance (ida, pingala and sushumna)
  • Pineal gland (third eye) activation
  • Seratonin and melatonin balance
  • Greatly Increased efficiency, speed and connection of neural pathways

Chakra balance/activation

  • Third eye (main focus)
  • Crown chakra

Brainwave entrainment

The left and right hemisphere of the brain is synchronized (which is required for the pineal gland to start activating) and starts working together like one unit and this in turn balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (left and right energy flow, symbolized by the snakes) which is needed for pineal gland activation.

Types of entrainment

Binaural and isochronic entrainment tones/beats can be layered to create simultanious stimulation of more than one frequency at a time, if done in a specific way. In addition to this, the Blisscoded and soothing background sounds are subtly amplitude modulated to increase the effectiveness.

"Awakened mind" (Phi) brainwave frequencies

It has been found through EEG scans of brainwave activity in "awakened" people experiencing bliss, that their most active amplitudes of brainwave peak patterns show a mathematical ratio of Phi (1.618) between them, also known as the golden ratio. EEG tests on Buddhist monks in awakened states also show gamma brainwaves at around 32-42 hz. The 'Cosmic Consciousness' brainwave entrainment uses: 5.6, 9, 14.6, 23.7 and at the end gamma at 38.3 hz entrainment frequency. The ratio between these frequencies are an exact match for Phi (1.618 = The golden ratio), which several researchers have found (independently of eachother) is key to an "awakened" state and the feeling of bliss. We increasingly synchronize and expand our brain power, increasing our state of consciousness using the 'Cosmic Consciousness' audio.

Pythagorean tuning scale (432 hz) Third eye frequencies.

The tones used are using the pythagorean tuning found to be used for certain Tibetan chakra tuning bowls for the third eye with complementary tuning also for the crown chakra.

    Silent ultrasonic subliminals

    Subliminals in "Cosmic Consciousness" (click to expand) +

    I now accept that I decide my reality. Anything is possible.

    I now perfectly and completely balance my nervous-system.
    My nervous-system feels perfectly and completely balanced.
    My nervous-system is now perfectly and completely balanced.

    I now perfectly synchronize my left and right brain-hemisphere.
    My left and right brain-hemispheres are now perfectly synchronized, working in perfect balance.
    My left and right brain-hemispheres now work as one.

    My neural pathways now connect and form with a tremendous ever-increasing efficiency.
    My brain processing speed and power is now constantly improving tremendously.

    I now safely and gradually increase the activity of my pineal gland to maximum capacity.
    I can feel my pineal gland activating.
    My pineal gland is now fully activated.
    My pineal gland is now functioning at absolute maximum and balanced capacity.

    I now balance the production of serotonin and melatonin to perfect levels.
    I feel incredibly blissful and relaxed.
    My serotonin and melatonin levels are now optimally balanced.

    My consciousness is now continuously expanding at a tremendous rate.
    I can now feel my consciousness becoming continuously more expanded.

    I feel strongly that I want to use this recording often.
    I greatly enjoy using this recording often.

    Using silent ultrasonic subliminals bypassing the conscious mind completely, we directly instruct the subconscious mind to use its' full power to do all of these things: Synchronize the left and right brain hemisphere, the entire nervous system, activating the pineal gland and even balance the production of serotonin and melatonin which takes place in the pineal gland aswell. The subliminals also instruct greatly increased efficiency, speed and connection of building neural pathways assisting the hemispheric synchronization and higher states of brain function to much more quickly become more permanent.

    Pineal gland - Third eye- Cosmic eye

    If you were to get only one download from this website, this is the one.



    "Cosmic consciousness" Information

    This 47 minute long audio track uses a holistic mix of the very best techniques, technologies and knowledge I have aquired, combined in this cutting edge audio track aimed for those wanting to develop a higher consciousness and activating the pineal gland (third eye). The specifics is too detailed to shortly explain, so please read on this page above. Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery. Use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. Transfer to your iPad/iPod/iPhone/MP3 player or listen directly on your computer. While this is instantly effective, it becomes more effective with frequent use. Use once daily, unless you feel you need a break to absorb. Volume: Use a fairly gentle volume level. Headphones are required.

    If you after using this product for a while start feeling a light pressure in your forehead between the eyebrows or in the middle of your head, it is a sign that the pineal gland is activating. You could also feel like energy is moving through your body. It is perfectly normal and a good sign.

    People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

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    Gives you an extra track containing purely the Ultrasonic Silent subliminals used in "Cosmic consciousness" as an extra standalone track, which you play on repeat (loop) to program yourself while you sleep at night also. This audio is experienced as completely silent. Standalone silent subliminals on this website are $19 USD, but with this offer it only adds another $9 USD.

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