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"I can't transfer the Mp3 files to my MP3 player, how do I do that?"

Check the manual for the MP3 player you are using or contact the company handling the support for your MP3 player. If you are using any MP3 player from Apple, you simply need to use iTunes to transfer the tracks.

"Can I purchase the sounds on CD?"

No. The product is sold as digital download, meaning no physical goods. After you have downloaded the product however, you are free to burn the sounds to CD (for your own use only) if you want to.


"What should I do while listening to BlissCoded sound?"

Just close your eyes, relax, and listen to the sound. Let yourself drift away. Sit up or lie down. If you lie down it is easier to relax. Some people have described it as "automatic meditation".

"How do I make sure I listen to the sounds the way they are meant to be heard?"

As long as you are not using a directly bad pair of headphones it should be just fine, but  don't use any bass boost or any other kind of EQ settings boosting any frequencies.  Set the volume close to zero and slowly increase vlume untill the audio is clear but still gentle in volume. The original sound is perfectly balanced already. If the sound has to much bass and you have an iPod, go to settings > EQ and chose 'Bass reducer'. If your headphones give out to much treble, try choosing 'Treble reducer'.

"Can I use BlissCoded sound while meditating/ doing Yoga?"

Yes! you can try using it before you meditate, during or after. It seems to slow down the thought pattern and quiet the mind so that you enter a meditative state quickly. If you find that this works in some practice you do then please send me an email and tell about it.

"Is BlissCoded sound some kind of hemisync or other brainwave entrainment technique?"

The BlissCode technology does not use any of this. However, you should be aware that in some products BlissCoded sound is used together with 'brainwave' audio. They complement eachother perfectly.

"Will any of your products help me experience astral projection, OOBE's (out of body experiences) or lucid dreaming?"

I have received reports from people who had OOBE's after using BlissCoded sound. One individual had his first OOBE in the night after he tried BlissCoded sound for the first time. He even had 3 or 4 of them in the same night. Other similar reports have included being totally aware in the dream state (lucid dreaming). However I am not making any guarantees that this will definitely work for everyone and I have no scientific proof that it happened because of the product. Please don't expect that OOBE's will be induced, because this is not a guarantee and I don't want to disappoint anyone. The guarantee is that if you do not get the relaxation you will get a refund if you contact me within 30 days from the purchase.

"Why don't you give out your products for free?"

Could you do your daytime job without getting a salary? 🙂 There are many costs involved that people who don't work with this sort of thing are aware of. This website and the development of this product wouldn't be possible if it was given out for free.

"Are there any negative effects?"

Experienced meditators are aware that blocked energy will be released by the effects of meditation and the charge in the energy block will be experienced before it lets go totally and leaves you free from it. These energy releases can be experienced as warm sensations in the body, sudden temporary emotional imbalance, old memories surfacing etc. This is a sign that things are working. It is not dangerous. If you find too much being cleared out at the same time, you can just adjust the time you spend using BlissCoded sound. Less meditation = less clearing. If you want, start out listening a few minutes and see how that feels, in case you are one of sensitive ones, then adjust how much you listen after that. If you have never done meditation before and force yourself to spend long time in meditation, the sudden effects may be a bit much. In those cases, if you force yourself to listen more than you really feel like, you can feel a bit dizzy, light headed, or even nauseous. So what some people think is negative is only negative in the way that we fear emotions, memories or anything that might be cleared out from our subconscious. According to me this is the reason many people stop meditating. Meditation is not running away. It is facing the truth - whatever it may be.

Many people enjoy Bliss coded sound so much that they spend a few hours every day listening because it feels so good. You are free to listen how much you want. My advice it to do exactly as you feel like, and not overdoing it 🙂

General advice from me:

- Use good headphones. They don't have to be the best in the world, but as long as they are pretty good it's OK. For example the ones that come with the iPhone is perfectly fine to use. Make sure you set aside time for yourself and that you will be undisturbed. Try to make sure you won't be disturbed while listening to the audio.

-You can put the tracks on your MP3 player (if you have one) so you can be anywhere you want while listening. This also allows you to connect a cable from your MP3 player to anmind machine (audiovisual) if you have one, and have the tracks playing during your session.

- If you have problems falling asleep at bedtime. Use BlissCoded sound when in bed.

- Don't use any kind of Bass or treble boost etc. Some headphones have built in Bass boost. If you find the bass is too amplified you can fix this by lowering the bass in your EQ settings. On iPod there is a setting named bass reduction.


I'm the guy behind this website. If you need assistance and can not find the answer on the website, then feel free to contact me. I personally reply to all emails and try to reply within 24 hours during weekdays. I live in sweden so therefore my timezone may be different from yours. It may be in the middle of the night for me when you send your email.

Best Regards,

Marcus Knudsen

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