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Access the "Flow" state. Enhanced mental and creative abilities.

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"Brilliant Mind" creates a bridge linking your subconscious mind (Theta brainwaves) with your Deep creative ability (Alpha) together with your conscious mind (Beta) using the ultimate (Phi) ratio in brainwave peak amplitude, allowing you to think and create using expanded level of mind, using even the normally subconscious as part of the conscious. This sort of higher state of mind is knows as the "Flow" state. Useful for example in:

Expanded mental abilities

The "flow" brainwave pattern can be develop to such an extent that an individual has constant flow of information between what we would call the conscious, creative and subconscious state. In the Alpha brainwave state you have access to creativity, inspiration and visualization and get ideas, musical ideas, artistic ideas etc. Skilled musicians, artists and brilliant people in general have more Alpha waves than most people.

There is an even deeper level of brilliance that we can access if we link this Alpha state to the deeper Theta state. But not just in any way. The key is the "golden key", which is the golden ratio (1.618) in brainwaves. One of the scientists who has found this was Anna Wise who in the 80's and 90's used an EEG device called the mind mirror and found this link between the brainwaves of the most brilliant minds. The key is having the Theta, Alpha and slight Beta brianwave peaks have a mathematical ratio between them as close to Phi (the "golden ratio") as possible (for instance 5 Hz Theta with 8 Hz Alpha. 5 x 1.618 = 8.09) which also induces a sort of very enjoyable or blissful feeling of calm that is hard to describe. An individual can be in this state while wide awake, taking enormous advantage of the vast communication between the Theta, Alpha and Beta brainwave states.

Such a person has a brilliant mind and will often be recognized as being very successful at what they do.  The brainwave entrainment in "Brilliant Mind" stimulates this exact pattern in a specific way which is a tremendously enjoyable experience and this brainwave pattern will also be amplified in your normal awake state when not listening to "Brilliant Mind", when you develop it over time.

On a side note, Beta brainwaves are incredibly valuable to our thinking but we just need a little bit of them. Just enough to form a "phi bridge" between the Alpha and Beta so that the Theta consciousness is let through and we can have the main amplitude in the  Alpha/Theta zones which is a very enjoyable state to be in. In "Brilliant Mind", there is also Blisscoded sound to even further open up for a crystal clear mind.
What this does is build a bridge between the expanded higher state of functioning in the Theta state, with the Alpha and Beta state so that the "data" will carry over to our conscious state via this trinity of mind levels, making them become one.
Many people want to be smart, creative, brilliant, talented but think you must be born with it. Well, it's all in the brain, literally, and you can  effect that. Here is a manifestation of such a way of doing it, presented in a track that you can just listen to without actually having to understand how it works.
As it happens, this track is also very pleasurable to listen to.

"Brilliant Mind" - Information

This 45 minute long audio track uses a very specific combination of mainly Theta and Alpha brainwave entrainment with very small bursts of Beta, with a backgrund of gently layered Blisscoded sound. The main ideas are from research material of Anna Wise and Dan Winter, showing the "golden" link between precise brainwave peak ratios. As this is aimed towards the realm of flowing ideas and creativity, a.k.a the "flow" state.

Instructions: Sit up or lie with close eyes, as long as you're comfortable. Headphones are highly recommended but not required. Either treat it as a very enjoyable moment of meditation/relaxation or simultaneously activate your mind about the subject of choice. Music, art, math, science, deep questions, any subject you need or want clarity, inpiration or insight about.
Use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. iPad does not support the downloading of files unless you have a special app for that.

IMPORTANT: People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition. Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery.

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