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Scientifically proven brainwave entrainment sends you to sleep - automatically.

  • Do you ever suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia?
  • Problems sleeping due to stress, anxiety, pain?
  • Tired of spending nights staring at the ceiling?
  • Want to get back on track on your sleeping schedule?
  • Would you like to experiment with lucid dreaming?


Audio Demonstration

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Did you know?'Brainwave' Audio can help against insomnia by stimulating your brain to produce Delta brainwaves. It just works!

#2Deep sleep is the most restorative and rejuvenating state you can be in.

#3You can practise to remain awake while your body falls asleep and experience lucid dreams.

  • Go to sleep much faster than before
  • Improve your mood and energy during the day
  • Reduce problems related to insomnia

Blissful Dreams is the name of this digital audio mp3. It uses 'brainwave' audio. Brain activity is measured in Hz (Hertz). The dominant scale the brain usually works in is usually from 1 to about 30 Hz. From deep sleep (1) to high focus/stress (30). When you have trouble sleeping, it is because you do not have enough of the slower brainwaves. This is what Blissful Dreams solves for you!

By sending out low brainwave tones known as Delta brainwaves, Blissful Dreams guides your brain to calm down and start producing the brainwaves associated with sleep. The experience of this is that you will feel that you start to relax deeply. Stress and worry starts melting away, mood increases while you feel a relaxation spread through your body so deep that you will drift in to a deep natural sleep.

Brainwave audio + BlissCoded sound

BlissFul Dreams does not just contain the scientifically proven method of using 'brainwave' audio. It also dares to be a bit more exotic and go a little further by using 'BlissCoded' sound embedded very gently in the audio.

What is BlissCoded sound?

I invented an audio technology that uses the golden ratio (Phi) as a principle for generating sound. A sound that was shown to be almost unbelievably effective when it came to making people relax very deeply within minutes. At the moment of writing this text, there are over 9 million views on the famous meditation audio demonstration I uploaded on youtube a couple of years ago.

BlissFul dreams is both the Brainwave audio and the BlissCoded sound combined together, making it a truly world unique audio product for sleep. No other website in the world can offer this because I am the only one who knows how to generate BlissCoded sound. I decided to keep this technology secret to keep it pure, authentic and away from exploitation. This is the only place you find it. This is the real deal.

BlissCoded sound is based on the 'golden ratio', a.k.a Phi (1.618)

BlissFul Dreams - Information

This 50 minute long audio track uses Isochronic brainwave entrainment and BlissCode sound technology in a unique very high quality MP3 file (320kbps). The research behind brainwave audio comes from EEG studies showing that playing tones mimicking brainwave activity will stimulate the brain to follow the entrainment audio. Much like a tuning fork when struck near an equal tuning fork will make it start resonating at the same wavelength.

Suggested use: When you need help falling asleep or want to take a "power nap" during the day. If you are experienced in lucid dreaming and/or deep mediation, this audio can also be used to experiment with the sleep and dream state.

 Instructions: Lay in bed, use headphones and listen with closed eyes. When you are sleepy enough you can remove the headphones. Use a gentle volume.

Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery.

You must use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. iPad does not support the downloading of files if you do not have a special app for that.

IMPORTANT: People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

Sleep like a baby - Any time you want to

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I’m the guy behind this audio as well as this website. My audios have been hugely successful on youtube with about 10 million views on my audio videos this far. I have made meditation audio for a long time and this is my first track specialized purely for sleep. The Audio demonstrations like the one on this page are free of course, but if you enjoy it, please feel free to buy a download so I can continue helping people in this way. Take care!

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