The Theta and Gamma Brainwaves Detected From Buddhist Monks, Lucid Dreamers & Yogis in Their Deepest States Can be Technologically Induced.

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Awake in Theta

Remaining Aware in Deep States of Mediation and Sleep.

  • The key that helps you remain perfectly aware in deep meditation.
  • How to enter the dream state while fully aware.
  • Trained Yogis, Senior bhuddist monks and lucid dreamers share something...
  • Brainwave research allows us to "mimick" brainwave patterns of others.
  • Mind awake - body asleep.

... Mp3 download available further down.

I've gone through some very interesting research revealing amazing possibilities - Read on and let me show you.

Being Aware in Deep States - The Key

I've researched and experimented a lot about brainwaves. You know, the activity in the brain that can be measured with EEG (electroencephalography), showing your mental state usually reaching from 1 hz (sleep) to 30 hz (highly awake). Hz is short for Hertz, meaning cycles per second.

I research this because we can create sound today that when played back through headphones will get the brain to create desired brainwaves. Though the brain works in brainwave patterns, having a whole spectrum of brainwaves active simultaneously. The peaks of which tells us our current state.

Through EEG studies I've found reaching all the way back to 1955 when Das and Gastaut checked out the brainwave patterns of some highly trained Yogis, all the way up to current day EEG studies, there is a pattern found among the most skilled of the skilled in yoga, mediation, lucid dreaming etc. These people manage to be completely aware while in deep mediation or even sleep (lucid dreaming). That is what sets the masters apart from the "normal" meditators.

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using small, flat metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp

It was found that these meditation experts display an unusually high amplitude of 40 hz Gamma brainwaves during deep meditation, allowing them to transcend to deep states while retaining a crystal clear awareness.

Expanded Awareness as a Tool

Normally we function at Beta brainwaves (12.5-30hz). The deeper we go, the larger part of our brain and mind we get access to. So the deeper we can go while remaining aware, the more expanded our abilities become. At these deep levels you are accessing information from the universal mind, delivered through sound, images etc to your mind, which is not expanded enough in the normal Beta state to access this.

For most of us, our dreams and visions while sleeping and meditating is fairly random. However, if you were fully awake while still in those states, you can chose to explore any place you want with your mind, find answers to any question or create any sort of dream experience you want to. That would make you a "master", and the things you can learn, see and hear in these deep states can be directly applied to your life. Be it music, art, ideas for inventions, investments or anything you want.

The first thing I myself tried with remote viewing was finding a tool I've lost, and I saw the tool was on a table shelf. I was hesitant, but went to check it out. Sure enough, there it was. It worked because I managed to remain aware in a deeper state.


The key is within you

Research showing 40 hz rhythm as a key to high states of awareness during meditation & yoga.

  • 1955 (Das and Gestaut): reports of high amplitudes of 40 hz rhythm from seven highly trained yogis, during the samadhi state. (In yoga samadhi is regarded as a state of union with the divine. The final state.)
  • 1973 (Banquet): 12 Transcendental meditation practitioners was observed and recorded displaying the 40 hz rhythm peak during their third deep stage of mediation.
  • 2004 (Lutz et al): The brainwaves of followers of Dalai Lama was recorded during an objectless mediation practice, enhancing “unconditional loving kindness and compassion”. A dramatic increase around the 40 hz range was clearly seen.
  • 2005 (Davidson, Mind and life foundation): Subsequent to the study in 2004, this follow up showed a significant correlation between the 40 hz amplitude during deep mediation and the monk's reported clarity of their meditation.
  • 2008: Andy Francis and Antoine Lutz uses EEG to measure the brainwaves of Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard (nicknamed "world's happiest man"). While in deep state of mediation the researchers were shocked seeing off the chart-levels of Gamma Brainwaves.

Simultaneous Theta & Gamma Brainwaves

Using Binaural beats and Isochronic tones simultaneously, I've been able to produce such deep states talked about here. Thank you technology!

You can create this yourself if you learn how brainwaves work and how to create brainwave entrainment audio in a correct way. OR ... you can use mine.

I research and experiment a lot. If/when I discover things too good not to be shared, I make it available. This is one of those times.

My Personal Gamma/Theta Meditation Training Mp3

Through my research I've found that Theta Binaural beats at 5.83 hz and Gamma Isochronic beats at 40 hz at the same time is amazingly effective. The 40 hz Gamma is a 4 times multiplication ratio with Phi (1.618, "The Golden Ratio") of the 5.83 hz Theta. This Mp3  has interwoven BlissCoded sound and soft noise to filter out external sound and induce the crystal clear meditative state. Odds are, like me, you'll end up using this often because of how effective it is and the things you can do in these deep states.

Here it is.


'Awake in Theta' MP3

Track information:

Type: Theta & Gamma brainwaves, BlissCoded sound and soft white/brown noise.

File info: 65mb Mp3, 48 minutes.

Use a computer (PC or Mac) for download. Plays on all computers and Mp3 players. Use iTunes to transfer to iPhone/iPod/iPad (click "add to library" in iTunes).

Instructions & information: Headphones are needed. I recommend that you lie down while using this. You can start controlling your experience by simply thinking about what you want to see or experience, where to travel etc. It is quite amazing what you can experience. If you want, after the track ends you can remain with eyes closed and go even deeper. Enjoy! Price is $19 USD

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