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SMR brainwave entrainment - Relaxed focus - Performance - Be in the "zone"

Gain perfect focus

Specific brainwave entrainment for the SMR range discovered in the 1970's, catching the attention of Nasa, giving benefits such as:

  • Hightened ability for perfect focus.
  • Strengthened overall brain function, resistance to stress and even seizures.
  • Possible help against ADD/ADHD.
  • Improved mental strength and stability.
  • Be in the "zone" and perform at your very best.

Top performance credited to being in the "zone" directly linked to SMR brainwaves.

Every now and then you hear people credit extremely impressive performances to being "in the zone". I'm talking about all sorts of performance: Physical, mental, logical, creative etc. In this state your focus is so deep that nothing but what you focus on exists for you in that moment. You become one with what you focus on and perform at the top of your ability.

When in this state called the "zone", your brainwaves show an amplification in the 12 to 15 hz spectrum, called SMR. This link was discovered in late 1960's / early 70's when researching the brainwave patterns of cats! It turned out humans had huge benefit from it.
That state is incredibly useful for anything where you want to deliver your very best, or even better than you thought you could, basically no matter what it is you do. It could be studying, golfing, gaming, writing, designing, doing focused-based meditation or really almost anything where perfect focus is the key. You can boost your brain with SMR frequencies with the "In The Zone" brainwave entrainment audio.

Amplified brainwave activity from 12 to 15 Hz, known as SMR, has proven to be the key for perfect focus.

The benefits of SMR brainwaves

Being "in the zone" means being completely relaxed while still extremely focused. The mind focuses like sunlight through a magnifying glass. What would otherwise interfere with your focus goes away completely and what is left is perfect focus.

SMR has a very balancing and strengthening effect of the brain in general and has been found to be very low in individuals with anxiety, depression, ADHD and insomnia.
SMR is essential to relaxation (thereby also balancing the nervous system) and also involves the brain's ability to inhibit the body's movement during dreams.
The SMR frequency range is right between the alert and the relaxed state (12 to 15 hz) and therefore a low amplitude in this range in the brain will disconnect the brains ability to easily switch between relaxation and alertness.

Using SMR brainwave entrainment therefore provides a very stable mind, which is extremely beneficial for basically anything you do. It's the key to using the full potential of your mind in the activities you do.

In research done on cats in the 60's and 70's, Dr Barry Sterman found that the amazing ability of focus that cats have is a result of hightened SMR brainwaves. He also found that humans had the same benefits from SMR as the cats had. It was such a revolutionary study that it gained worldwide recognition, being published all over the world and Sterman today is called the father of clinical neurofeedback!

Basically everyone benefits from increased SMR brainwaves.

If you often feel that you either can't relax, or that you can't seem to snap out of a groggy kind of couch potato state, it is very likely that you could use more SMR. But just for the sake of improving performance, everyone benefits from it.
For this sake I've produced an audio track using this specific SMR brainwave pattern, using isochronic sound technology, which you can use at any time during the day, even while doing other things, because there are no background sounds, just the pure brainwave entrainment tone/beat which will not interfere with you hearing what is going on around you. This amplifies the SMR brainwave frequencies in your brain, helping you be in that zone of perfectly relaxed focus, unlocking optimal relaxed focus performance. You should quickly notice results, but with frequent use, as you build up your SMR brainwaves even more, the results will increase even more.
You'll notice that you feel very focused, yet relaxed, allowing you to take your focus to a much higher level. Being "in the zone" is like those moments when you were so focused on what you were doing that you didn't realize how focused you were until you snapped out of it and the outside world came back as a reality.

Often you hear people say they performed so well because they were so much "in the zone". It is the key to top performance in basically any area.

Nasa, Cats and Barry Sterman

Now I'd like to share a very interesting research story about how the amazing benefits of SMR was discovered while researching the brainwaves of cats(!), how this even got the attention of NASA and the amazing results of applying SMR training on humans. Click the box below to see the story. Keep reading, this is really cool stuff. 

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Nasa, Cats and Barry Sterman

The SMR brainwave pattern discovery - A Unique State of Consciousness

When you see a cat being absolutely still, though extremely alert, it exhibits the characteristic SMR brainwave state, which is between 12-15hz. We know this because research has been done on this by for example Barry Sterman, PhD, particularly in the 1960s and 70s. Barry would place cats in an experimental chamber that had a lever and an empty bowl. If the cat pushed the lever, the bowl would fill with food. Very quickly the cats would learn to press the lever when hungry.
A new element was then introduced to the experiment: a tone. While the tone was playing, pushing the lever would do nothing. The cat had to wait for the tone to stop for the lever to work. Barry discovered that while the cat was waiting for the tone to stop, it entered a unique state of consciousness. It remained absolutely still, looking completely relaxed, yet he found it was extremely alert through using an EEG to check the brainwave pattern of the cat. It was producing a highly elevated amplitude in the SMR frequency range. You see this state also in other animals like the lion as it waits for the perfect moment to pounce its prey. The heightened SMR brainwave amplitude is the key to this unique state of consciousness.
Next, Sterman wanted to see if he could get the cats to produce the SMR frequencies at will. Using an EEG to keep track of the brainwave activity, every time the cat entered the desired SMR state, the bowl would fill with food. Over time the cats learnt to produce SMR at will. The incredible results got published in "Brain Research" in 1967, a prestigious medical journal.
NASA gets involved - makes amazing discovery
Not long after this, Sterman was contacted by NASA. They had found that when astronauts came in contact with a rocket fuel called MMH, it caused severe epileptic seizures, nausea, hallucinations and eventually even death. Though these experiments were completely unrelated to the previous SMR experiments, it would turn out that SMR would once again show incredible benefits.
Unfortunately, the cats this time was subjected to cruel experiments. 50 of the cats were injected with 10mg of the rocket fuel while wired up to an EEG to check how the brainwave pattern reacted. The cats reacted almost exactly as the astronauts did. The cats vomited, salivated, made noises, panted heavily and went into major epileptic seizures. After one hour though, strangely, 10 of the cats had not gone into seizures. Why did these 10 cats not go into seizures? It turned out that these 10 cats had been a part of the previous SMR experiment while the other ones had not. Sterman realized that by teaching these 10 cats to produce SMR in the previous experiment, their brain function had strengthened so much that their brains were preventing the seizures! This proved that the effects of SMR were not placebo.
Then Sterman asked himself: Could SMR training strengthen the brain function in humans the same way?
In 1971, Sterman began training humans to produce SMR frequencies. He accepted participants in the experiment who had seizure issues. He trained them simply by having a light turn green when the patient was producing SMR frequencies and red otherwise.
The SMR training resulted in a 65% reduction in seizures. Amazing. It was working!
The results were replicated in more tests around the world and was published in "Epilepsia", a medical journal, in 1978. SMR brainwave training is used today to help patients with neurological conditions, but it turns out to also greatly strengthen the brain function for anyone, and not just those with seizures. We also listen to audio producing SMR frequencies, which is what I've produced for you.
in 1972, Dr. Joel Lubar, who had been studying ADD/ADHD for many years, came across the results of Stermans SMR research and realized it could be used to help patients with ADD/ADHD. Lubar stated: "My God, I think this will work for controlling hyperactivity in children because the circuitry is very similar".
Sterman and Lubar then worked together for about one year. They trained children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD to produce SMR frequencies and in one of the tests with four such children, ALL of their symptoms disappeared. To rule out placebo, they then trained them to do the reverse to see if the symptoms came back, and they did. I'll just asume that they then trained them back into being healthy again!

"In the Zone" - Information

This 27 minute long audio track uses very specific Isochronic SMR brainwave entrainment between 12 and 15 Hz. The research behind brainwave audio comes from EEG studies showing that playing slightly offset binaural or amplification modulated tones,  will stimulate the brainwaves to follow the entrainment audio. There is no background sounds at all, just the beats/tones, making is suitable to use while doing any daily or performance activity such as, work, sports, gaming, designing, writing, focused-based meditation etc. Headphones not required.

Instructions: Use at any time of day while doing anything. For example you can start the day using this audio or you could play the sound while doing something where you want to be as much "in the zone" as possible. You can play the sound on repeat if you want.

You must use a PC or MAC when downloading this product. iPad does not support the downloading of files if you do not have a special app for that.

IMPORTANT: People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

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