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432 Hz: The Harmonic Key of the Universe

The true original 432 Hz tuning shows amazing effects. Study shows physical and emotional healing.

7 minutes from "432 Chakra Balance", the full 50 minute version goes through the entire chakra system. You also get a free 25 minute bonus track.

Read more about the chakra system here.

Get in tune with the cosmos and balance your chakras

The standard instrument/concert tuning is A=440 Hz. Pythagoras talked about the "music of the spheres" where instead 432 Hz was the correct tuning. We find the "432" everywhere, from planets, biology, to natural  and cosmic cycles et.c. The current 440 hz tuning is not related to such things at all. It is now discovered since a couple of years how to correctly tune the chakras where the 432 Hz turns out to be the crown chakra frequency and the other chakras line up perfectly with this tuning scale. A scale our music should be tuned to, but isn't anymore.

I've been researching this field and unlike most things, this turned out to be something very real, that actually works so good that I'm afraid to express myself about it because you might think I'm exaggerating.

I am honestly really excited about this!

432 Hz Weaved into the cosmos

  • Pythagoras

Pythagoras (570 - 495 BC) was a greek philisopher, mathematician, astronomer and scientist. Credited for originating the "music of the spheres" theory which states there are musical intervals (mathematical ratios) found in the distances and sizes of the planets and how they moved around one another. Gave name to the the Pythagorean Tuning scale which turns out to produce the A=432 Hz! "But how did they tune instruments in a precise way when they didn't have tuning forks or even sound measuring?". They still had math. They could take a certain material for a string, or for a tube and give is a precise tuning by cutting it very precisely and then making it sound. Also, keep in mind that the Pythagorean Tuning scale is mathematical. Even if it would be hard to tune instruments exactly down to what is 432 Hz today, 432 Hz was still mathematically the tuning scale they went for and which we can use today.

  • Space

The diameter of the moon is precisely 2160 miles which is exactly 432 x 5. The diameter of the sun is 864.000 miles which is 432.000 x 2. 432 is also found in the patterns of planet orbits etc. Just informing about all of that is a project of it's own.

432 seems encoded into the very workings of the cosmos.

Jamie Buturff found that Tibetan monks used 432 Hz tuning in their hand-made tuning bowls for chakra tuning

100% Pure 432 Hz Tones generated and layered digitally.

'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' ― Nikola Tesla


  • Ancient Egypt

According to Ananda Bosman who is a international researcher and musician, archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed are largely tuned to A=432Hz.

  • Tibetan monks

Jamie Buturff (sound & Rodin coil researcher), found that Tibetan monks used 432 Hz tuning in their hand-made tuning bowls for chakra tuning. Jamie measured the Tibetan singing bowls using a Korg tuner and discovered that the bowls were harmonic to the 432 harmonic scale.

  • The original stradivarius violin

Was designed to be tuned to 432 Hz.

  • Overtones

Jamie Buturff says "432 Hz tuning touches the full 12 scale octave overtones of all music in creation. 440 Hz only touches 8 octave overtones, leaving out a complete section of resonances of the universe".

  • Golf balls

Several decades ago when Nike wanted to come up with the optimal golf ball they input all the various parameters of golf ball design into a computer. The result was that 432 dimples gave the least air resistance and most distance. They understand this gives the optimal harmonic performance. The ball used by Tiger Woods today.

  • et.c

These are just extremely few examples of what you find when you look into the 432.

Study shows amazing effects

As mentioned before, Jamie Buturff found that Tibetan monks used 432 Hz tuning in their hand-made tuning bowls for chakra tuning. Jamie measured the Tibetan singing bowls using a Korg tuner and discovered that the bowls were harmonic to the 432 music scale. But even before this, Jamie already had come up with these same frequencies. This confimred his own conclusion. The ears are connected to all of the meridian points and all of the chakras simultaneously. This is why it works playing these frequencies as sound through headphones or speakers.

In 2011 the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune India concucted a study based on research and the 432 Hz based chakra sounds by Jamie Buturff. You can read the study here. Their study concluded that from playing these tones to the participants in the study, their mental and physical health improved drastically during a period of only 7 days from only listening to each frequency a couple of minutes.

The Tibetan chakra bowls were found to resonate completely with the 432 Hz scale.

Even purer than Tibetan 432 hz bowls

When there is a human factor involved in creating an instrument, like in this case we are talking about the Tibetan bowls mentioned earlier, tuned to 432 Hz, there are several factors involved that, even if it sounds amazing, will make it one or two hertz off every now and then. The purer the sound is, the more it will look like digitally generated sine waves (tones) when it is recorded and viewed on a monitor. A digitally generated sine wave is of course always 100% pure and 100% in tune.

From researching this I have, by using the 432 Hz chakra scale, used all the elements of it to create a perfect harmony in a way that the singing bowls can't quite get to. These multi-layered digital audio tracks creates a perfect harmony for each chakra. Nothing was left to chance when creating them, with everything in perfect balance and timing down to the microscopic details, because this really deserves it.



"432 Chakra Balance"

Track 1: Each chakra is stimulated with 3 tones (one main binaural, one overtone and one sub tone) for 7 minutes each. It goes through all of the seven chakras starting from the root and ending on the Crown chakra.  A very deep meditative state is likely to be experienced within about 5 minutes. Bonus track: Same as above but 3.5 minutes is spent on each chakra.

Track 1: 50 minutes. Track 2 (free): 25 minutes. Format: Mp3 Audio. 121 Mb. Price: $19

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"432 Pure"

Focuses purely on the 432 Hz harmonics with binaural and bell-like tones. A very deep state is usually experienced within a few minutes. 432 Hz corresponds with the crown chakra.

Track Length: 45 minutes.  Format: Mp3 Audio. 72 Mb (zipped). Price: $19

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"432 Third Eye" (New)

288 Hz main frequency with its 144 sub and 576 Hz overtone in a very soothing rhythm.

Advice: Focus on the third eye location (see the chakra article in the menu for more information about this chakra) while breathing a bit slower and deeper than usual with a short pause between each in and out breath. Breathe this way and practice keeping focus on the third eye. When the mind/thoughts wander off, allow the thoughts to pass by. Accept that they are there and keep gently bringing focus back to the third eye. The goal is to focus completely on the third eye. After 20-30 minutes, let go completely of the all technique and just be.

This will heighten your spiritual consciousness and begin opening the third eye and will in time result in experiences of inner light and sound, a sign that higher cosmic light is being transformed down into your energy system. It will increase the control you (as soul) have over your actions and thereby your life.

Track 1: 45 minutes. Format: Mp3 Audio. 73 Mb (zipped). Price: $19

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Instructions: You can sit up or lie down using these tracks. For best effect eyes should be closed and you should try and make sure you'll be undisturbed during the session. Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery.
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People with seizure issues such as epilepsy should never use brainwave audio as it can worsen the condition.

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